Each bundle comes gift-wrapped with a scratch-n-read Valentine’s card. Order online and pick up curbside!

B A T H  E S S E N T I A L S


February is our last month of true winter: ruled by darkness, inclement weather, snow, wind and short days. It’s Bath Season. How do you make your bath extra magical? Surround yourself with candles, aromatherapy, plants, salts, and other therapeutic products. Choose these pre-curated, affordable bundles that enhance any bath experience and bring a smile to a friend and loved one. 


        1. An Eminence apricot body oil with Spongelle wild flower infused body buffer is a great combination for either bath or shower. Includes card and wrapping.
      1. SOAK-TO-SLEEP: Satin Mask & Pillowcase, Soaking Salts & Bath Bomb $50
        A dream combo gift providing a bath-to-bed experience. Includes card and wrapping.

        AMBIENCE: Potted Plant & Candle $59
        A touch of greenery with gentle candlelight provides a lusher, softer surrounding bringing your relaxation to next-level. Includes card and wrapping.