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Nestled between the lush Cascade range and the juniper and sage of Central Oregon’s high desert, Anjou is a lifestyle and wellness spa dedicated to the art of looking and feeling good, inside and out. — We believe the pursuit of well being is a lifelong conversation, it is as unique as our surroundings.

Sweet Orange Cider Massage

A relaxing 90-min massage showcases autumnal scents of orange and cloves aromatherapy while you experience the change of the season on the table.

Pumpkin Latte Facial

Resurface the skin after the harsh Summer weather! Also featuring Eminence’s new Kombucha Microbiome products designed to feed your skin with pre, pro and post-biotics for the healthiest fall glow.

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Advanced Skincare treatments

Real results for our High Desert Climate. Schedule your Advanced Performance Treatment today. 

Fall Harvest Back Treatment

This season’s back treatment combines the power of cranberries and pumpkin to cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate focusing on the back and lower legs that leave your skin glowing!

Also available to book as a bundle with the Pumpkin Latte Seasonal Facial. 


This relaxing mind-body facial layers multiple gemstone-infused products that work in unity with natural gemstones, sound therapy and gua sha to quiet your mind, restore relaxation, while deeply refreshing your skin. 

September Member Gift

Pumpkin Latte Hydration Masque
Pumpkin pulp and seed oil contain alpha hydroxy acids, minerals, fatty acids and vitamins and will give your skin gourds of benefits.

Shopping at anjou

Whether you’re gifting a spa day or a shopping spree, an Anjou gift card will be the perfect way to celebrate!