Anjou Spa is currently closed. Anticipated Re-Opening in Early Autumn 2017

Sweet Reliefs

Affordable and deft (30 min) services that target sore & stressed areas for those who have only moments to get results. Combine two or more, like tapas!

Available for booking Mon – Fri only

Digity Do – $44
Hey, give your fingers a break. This massage is targeted for fingers, hands, wrists, arms and shoulders. If you’re heavy on the computer or constantly touching your phone, this one’s for you. Thumbs up!

Leg Chillaxer – $44
You’ve hit the trail and hit it hard, now what? The Leg Chillaxer focuses on stretching, massage and fascia relief for legs and gluts. Massaged tissue builds more mitochondria that are essential for healing and reduce inflammation. Ideal for athletes and fitness freaks of all ages. Get a leg up!

Back Country – $44
Explore how relieving the Back Country can be! Here we focus on the areas where everyone carries their stress: The neck, back and shoulders. No back pack required.

The Reflex – $44
When you’re tired of dancing on the sand or into the fire, we recommend The Reflex. This foot and ankle foot massage reconnects tissue in the feet. So why don’t you use it?

Hydro-x-foli-awesome – $44
Under the Vichy shower you get at least five benefits. Skin glow, Exfoliation, Increase of Circulation, Improvement of Cellulite and Relaxation. Pretty awesome!

Sole Survival – $24
Healthy feet mean healthy you. Scrub, soak, exfoliation, callus removal and re-hydration of the feet. Be good to your soles.

Some sweet relief
Some find it in a bathtub
Or a back rub
The clothes they wear or just in the air
In the food they eat, it’s something sweet
Some sweet relief
~Victoria Williams, singer/songwriter