Nestled between the lush Cascade Range and the juniper and sage of Central Oregon’s high desert, Anjou is a Lifestyle & Wellness Spa dedicated to the art of looking and feeling good, inside and out.  

The pursuit of well-being is a lifelong one. Holistic, results-driven and inspired, we focus on providing both memorable and botanically-driven treatments and experiences that support equilibrium to an active lifestyle.

The timeless ritual of water therapy is an effortless way to care for your body. Small, intense bouts of hot and cold cycling boost overall immunity, assist in muscle recovery, and reduce stress. Experience as a DIY stand-alone therapy or amplify the benefits of your spa treatment. 2-hour Facility Visit only $20

Hydrate your tissues, open up your lungs with eucalyptus aromatherapy, and alleviate inflammation at therapeutic temperatures between 100° to 110°F.

Inspired by traditional Korean ondols (warm floors), our sand room heats up to between 120° to 140°F using far infrared heat. Waves permeate deep into the body raising core body temperature and improving blood flow, muscle recovery, and overall immunity.

All of our offerings are customizable to your body’s needs. Organic aromatherapy is complimentary in every massage. Inhale organic essential oils via steam from a beautiful copper tureen. We partner with inspired, conscientious practitioners and producers of essential oils and product lines to create a holistic, authentic, and regenerative experience for your entire well-being. All treatments include access to our co-ed steam & sauna facilities. 


Anjou Face
Show your skin some love with our signature custom facial. Combines the reparative, nourishing, and activating powers of seasonal organic fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Tailored to meet your skin’s needs –– from environmental damage to dehydration and aging. Deep exfoliation and healing plant serum extracts leave skin balanced and glowing.
60 min $100  – book now

The Works
For a revitalizing transformation, this 90-minute facial is next level. Treatment targets eyes, lips, neck, and décolletage with exfoliation, masque, peel, line-minimizing serums, and an uplifting cupping facial with massage that promotes healthy lymphatic flow. This is the ultimate corrective treatment, addressing the entire face from hairline to bust line, and even includes some polishing attention to arms and elbows. Skin is refreshed, plumped, and lifted. Perfect before a big event or a reboot. *Men, please shave for successful cupping results.
90 min $140 book now

Clear Skin
Using active probiotics, phyto-greens, antioxidant-rich herbs, and a high-frequency wand to kill bacteria, this facial focuses on removing your skin’s impurities without irritating or dehydrating. Highly recommended for oily or congested skin, this treatment will keep your skin smooth and healthy, preventing future breakouts.
60 min $110 (members upgrade +$10) book now

Cellular Renewal
Our recommended facial for mature skin. Soften fine lines, smooth blemishes, and reveal radiance. This results-oriented facial layers antioxidant-rich arctic berry, lingonberry seed oil and hibiscus seed extract with hyaluronic acids, collagen-boosting peptides, and remineralizing vitamins. Deep exfoliation combined with a gentle resurfacing leaves you with an instantly younger looking appearance. Also suitable for sensitive skin types.
60 min $110 (members upgrade +$10) book now

Shine Bright
Mixing pumpkin, pineapple, papaya enzymes, glycolic, and lactic acids, this highly-active peel reduces the appearance of hyperpigmentation while leaving skin refined and smooth. Natural ingredients such as stone crop, licorice root, aloe vera, and a hydroquinone alternative complex achieve powerful results for sun-damaged skin. Should not be used on active acne.
60 min $110 (members upgrade +$10) book now

Anti-Inflammatory CBD Facial
Sensitive, reactive skin will find this hypoallergenic facial both calming and revitalizing. Features lipid-rich, full spectrum CBD hemp serum that reduces redness and inflammation while building elasticity and deepening hydration. Potent, nutritionally-dense organic ingredients such as radish seed, echinacea, apricot, primrose, and melon further heal and soothe. Facial cupping assists with lymphatic drainage, reducing puffiness. Perfect for skin frequently exposed to the outdoor elements.
60 min $120 (members upgrade +$20) book now

Hydrator Aqua Facial
Facial, peel, and deep hydrator all in one, this is the ultimate facial for Bend’s dry climate. Water dermabrasion extracts and flushes pores, restores hydration, and allows deep delivery of vitamins and serum into the dermal layer while a masque with micro-current tones tightens facial muscles and skin. LED Light Therapy addresses various skin conditions and allows deeper penetration of serums. Atomizer finely mists your favorite serum and is deeply absorbed by freshly revealed cells. 
60 min $165  – book now

NEW! Hairline to bustline, includes neck and décolletage with relaxing head massage. 75 min $189 – book now 



Neck Lift
Thoroughly cleanses, exfoliates, and masques neck and decolletage area, leaving skin revitalized and radiant. Extractions in the area if needed. Targets dull and distressed skin that has been overexposed to continuous sun and environmental stressors.
15 min $20 (members $16)

Facial Cupping
Gently lifts and unwinds facial muscles and tissues with a non-invasive approach that increases circulation drives moisture deep into the skin and reduces fine lines, wrinkles, scars, and puffiness for a softer, more youthful appearance. Choose from Eye or Lip focus below. 15 min $20 (members $16)

–– Eye Renewal
Gently but effectively treats and minimizes fine lines, wrinkles, milia, crow’s-feet, puffiness, skin tone, and dark circles. Includes light lymphatic drainage facial cupping to move sinus congestion, aiding breath, and providing allergy relief.

–– Lip Plump
Integrates a facial cupping technique to smooth lip lines and temporarily plump for a fuller lip appearance.

LED Light Therapy
Customized to your skin type and desired results, LED offers a unique photopulsation technology that overhauls the texture, clarity, and tone of skin noninvasively. LED lights stimulate skin sensors to boost cell activity and trigger production of beneficial chemicals. LED can stimulate a healing response, promote collagen regeneration, allow deeper penetration of serums, tighten pores, destroy acne-causing bacteria, and plump fine lines.  
15 min $30 (members $22)

Hair & Scalp Revitalizer  
A must for Bend’s dry climate! Transforms hair and scalp and promotes hair growth with a powerful serum blend suited for all hair types. Combats itchy scalp and keeps hair young and beautiful. Hot towel hydrates and infuses serum into hair follicles and scalp.
15 min $20 (members $16)


Anjou Custom Body
Our custom massage treatment is truly for everyBODY. Guided by your current needs, this full body massage includes your choice of organic essential oils, hot towels and hot stones to help unwind chronic tension. 90-min includes foot polish.
60 min $89 – book now / 90 min $130 – book now

Your Body Works
Focuses on addressing site-specific musculoskeletal issues. Your practitioner will seek to understand your body and history in order to provide relief and release. Modalities may include: Deep tissue massage, myofascial treatment, pressure point therapy, cross-fiber friction, stretching, and range of motion. Tools may include one of: Gua Sha, Cupping, Contrast Therapy, and your choice of pain-relieving topicals: CBD or Arnica.
60 min $100 – book now / 90 min $135 – book now

Detoxifying Herbal Thai Poultice
This treatment dates back to 14th century Thailand, where hot packs were administered to soldiers returning from battle. It remains an integral part of Thai medicine. Deep heat and organic herbs are absorbed, reducing aches and pains, stimulating circulation, increasing lymphatic drainage, and conditioning the skin.
60 min $130 – book now

Sticks & Stones
Heated bamboo and basalt stones infuse warmth, elongate muscles, and detoxify tissues for deep relief and relaxation. Complete with organic essential oils and foot polish.
90 mins $140 – book now

Mother Love
Pregnancy brings changes to the body that require a delicate touch. Let us assist in dissolving daily aches and pains with hot towels, restorative, pregnancy-safe essential oils, and heated river stones to soothe tired feet. A reparative belly balm assists tender belly skin as it stretches. You (and your little one) will leave feeling relaxed and ready.
60 min $100 – book now

Dynamic Duo
Relax alongside your sweetheart or your bestie. Customized to what your body needs most today, and truly indulgent, with a heated jade stone finish that melts tight muscles and soothes busy minds. 90-min includes foot polish.
60 $180 – book now / 90 mins $260 – book now

The Reflex
Provides relief for tired, tight feet with a focused massage accompanied by either arnica or CBD topical. Pressure-points, ankles, and calves are worked on and finished with a foot polish for complete renewal.
30 min $50 – book now

Sweet Relief
Targeted custom massage for people with limited time.
30 min $50 – book now (available on weekdays only)



Hair & Scalp Revitalizer
A must for Bend’s dry climate! Transforms hair and scalp and promotes hair growth with a powerful serum blend suited for all hair types. Combats itchy scalp and keeps hair young and beautiful. Hot towel hydrates and infuses serum into hair follicles and scalp.
15 min $20 (members $16) 

Jasmine Rice Body Polish
Wash away body ash with an overall exfoliation of jasmine rice scrub finished with Ytsara Vital Energy body oil.
30 min $50

Increases circulation and releases toxic build up in impacted areas. Massage cupping uses negative pressure to break up adhesions, soften connective tissues, induce relaxation, and, most importantly, relieve pain.
20 min $25

Dry Body Brushing
Sheds dead skin cells, resulting in smoother and brighter skin. Improves overall circulation and lymphatic drainage to relieve fluid retention and puffiness and increase immunity.
15 min $20


Elemental Facial
This facial focuses on deep cleansing, extractions, closing pores, and reviving skin. Stone crop, eucalyptus, and calendula provide relief for skin irritated by daily shaving and exposure to sun and wind. Please shave at least two hours prior to your service. *Please refer to our Face menu for available add-ons.
60 min $100 – book now

Back Facial
Balance and decongest the tough to reach skin of your back. Prone to clogged pores, back acne, and dehydrated skin – customized back treatment addresses impurities and imbalances with deep cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, steam, masque, and hydrating light massage. Includes dry brushing (clear skin only).
30 min $55 book now

Fresh Beard
Make your beard velvety soft with this beard-focused treatment. Softened and cleaned with an organic wash, followed by high-frequency combing to eliminate bacteria, and finished with tonic and special oil to take on our dry climate. Skin is toned, cleaned, and a deep hydrator applied. Does not include shaping. Great for all lengths of beards longer than half inch.
30 min $45 book now

Ale-ing Foot Remedy
Soak your feet in warmed beer while you enjoy a cold one. Shed rough edges with an antibacterial crushed barley and hops foot scrub made in-house. Finish with a hops-infused foot and lower leg massage for renewed feet. Includes callus removal, nail and cuticle shaping. Extremely beneficial for any mild fungal issues.
40 min $50 book now

Men’s Hand Detailing
Your hands handle rough stuff, so bring them back up to snuff. Includes scrub, shaping, cuticle care, and massage.
30 min $29 book now

See our Body menu for amazing massage offerings, and Detailing menu for waxing options.



Brows $20 – book now
Lip $12 – book now
Chin $12 – book now
Full Face (not inc. brows) $33 – book now
Underarms $23 – book now
Arms $37 – book now
Half Arms $30 – book now
Legs $60 – book now
Half Legs $35 – book now
Bikini $35 – book now
Brazilian $65 – book now
Back $45 – book now
Chest $35 – book now


Brows $20 – book now
Lashes $30 – book now
Brows and Lashes $45 – book now

Lash Lift is a new generation perming method that is safer, more effective and more beautiful than traditional eyelash perms. Create lift, curl, and definition to natural lashes! Great alternative for clients not wanting the maintenance of eyelash extensions or daily curling. Combined with a tint to darken the lash color for that effortless around-the-clock glam look. Results last up to 8 weeks.
90 min $100 book now


We are a Healthy Nails salon using only odorless, dust-free, cruelty-free, and non-toxic products. All foot services are performed in zero-gravity chairs and copper bowls, resting you comfortably on your back, lulling you into deep relaxation. We use only 5-free Vegan-friendly nail polish formulas, including gel. Shellac or Minx is not available! No formaldehyde, toluene and dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde resin or camphor. ADA friendly.

Children 5 and up are welcome to receive services. A Minor under 17 must be accompanied by an adult.

Enjoy a Side-by-side pedicure with your bestie, just ask and we’ll include chocolate!

Anjou Mani
Our ultimate hand treatment and polish; both therapeutic and perfect for an impression. An organic micro-exfoliation and peel reveal fresh skin and smooth lines. Relax with an apricot oil hand and arm massage and warm neck wrap. Finish with shaping and polish.
50 min $50 (Gel +20-min, $8) book now

Anjou Pedi
Hydrate and soothe feet with a warm soak of organic essential oils and soaking salts. Nails are shaped, calluses removed, and feet exfoliated. Relax with a hot neck wrap while a lower leg masque of bentonite and zeolite gently pulls impurities from the skin. A therapeutic hot stone calf and foot massage with apricot oil and hot towel wrap complete the relaxation. Finish with shaping and polish. 70 min $70book now

Seasonal Mani, Pedi
Organic, locally-made products soak, exfoliation (pedi only), shaping, cuticle care, tissue massage, and polish round out a treatment tailored for a seasonal ritual not to be missed.
Pedicure, 50 min $50book now
Manicure, 30 min $38book now
Gel Manicure, 50 min $46book now

Ale-ing Foot Remedy
Soak your feet in warmed beer while you sip on a cold one. Shed rough edges with an antibacterial crushed barley and hops foot scrub made in-house. Finish with a hops-infused foot and lower leg massage for renewed feet. Includes callus removal, nail and cuticle shaping. Extremely beneficial for any mild fungal issues.
40 min $50 (polish not included)book now

Maintenance Mani & Pedi
Includes shaping, cuticle care, and polish. The perfect way to maintain between regular visits. Does not include scrub or Gel option.
Pedicure, 30 min $35 book now
Manicure, 20 min $25book now

Men’s Hand Detailing
Your hands handle rough stuff, so bring them back up to snuff. Includes scrub, shaping, cuticle care, and massage.
30 min $29 book now

Gel Polish $8 (members $7)
French Tip $6
Shellac / Gel Removal (by other salons) $8
Hand Polish & Peel $10


Me Time
Sometimes the best self-care is time and space to yourself. This DIY, self-guided ritual gives you access to our spa facilities and your choice of thoughtfully curated body care goodies to see yourself through as long as you’d like to stay. No rush. Your private time includes a spa tonic, eye mask, meditation audio, and snack of choice. Choose one item from each of the following self-care items:
2+ hours $85 book now

  • Body Wash: Tea Tree & Lavender (cleansing), Citrus Sunshine (uplifting), Clary Sage & Fir (grounding)
  • Body Scrub: Grapefruit Ginger Sugar Scrub (cleansing), Lemongrass Lavender Sugar Scrub (uplifting), Coconut Hibiscus (soothing)
  • Body Lotion: Naseberry (restoring), Coconut Firming (toning), Stone Crop (hydrating)
  • Facial Masque: Red Currant (revitalizing), Calm Skin Arnica (calming), Strawberry Rhubarb (hydrating)
  • Facial Serum: 8 Greens Youth Serum (tightening/brightening), Willow Bark (healing/clarifying), Stone Crop (hydrating)

Super Session
This luxurious ritual session covers all the bases with a 60 minute Anjou Custom Body Massage followed by a 60 min Anjou Face and Seasonal Mani & Pedi. Detailing and rejuvenation at its best!
3.25 hours $280book now

Purify Package
Find your glow again with dry body brushing, our 60 min Detoxifying Herbal Thai Poultice, and your choice of Clear Skin, Cellular Renewal, or Shine Bright Facial.
2 hours $240 book now

Sweet Renewal
Sculpt, renew, and hydrate with this 3-step body care package: Your skin is gently exfoliated with a jasmine rice scrub, then toned with a full body masque of mulberry, cedarwood, and rosemary –– followed by a long, hydrating custom full body massage with warmed Ytsara Vital Energy body oil.
2 hours $175book now

Take the Edge Off
Anjou Pedi & Mani combination, reviving tired looking hands and feet. Manicure includes 5-free gel. Comes with chocolate and champagne.
2.3 hours $130book now