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Dr. Pamela E. Mondorf, MD

Announcing a new partnership for Anjou Spa: Meet our soul sister in self-care, Refine Medical! 

Refine Medical is a natural partnership for Anjou’s Spa Members and clients; their services will help you continue to see the skincare effects you want. Let’s face it, sometimes more aggressive treatments are needed to address areas of concern and together, both Anjou’s aesthetics specialists and Refine Medical’s expertise can help you reach your skin’s appearance goals and can recommend a proper treatment program for you. We popped next door for a drink and chat with Pamela at Refine Medical to ask her what services would most benefit Spa Members. 

Ready to jump in with Refine Medical? (DEAL!)

Kicking off in October 2019, Anjou Spa Members and clients will receive 15% off their first service of any kind at Refine Medical, and then an ongoing discount of 10% off all products and Laser treatments (Injectables and Medical Services, ie BioTE are excluded). Just let them know you are an Anjou Spa client to receive the discounts. And vice-versa, Refine Medical clients will receive the same discount for Anjou Spa services (products are 5%).

The Perfect Skin Care Marriage: 

“The synergistic part of our relationship really comes in the pairing of services – like with IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) services and a monthly facial routine.  IPL ideally, people would do once every 3 to 4 months for significant maintenance of the integrity of their skin – it’s the deep care. A facial and peel is something that you want to be doing on a much more regular basis to protect against the elements and nourish your skin day today. 

Maintenance of all the deep things that we do is assisted by the regular cell turnover that a facial would do to the superficial dermis. It’s a beautiful thing! “

IPL is a laser that is a broad spectrum of different wavelengths in a collimated beam that treats pigment of different degrees, types, and levels. As it pulses across the skin, we are treating at the same time, different pigmentation colors, at different depths of the skin, including vascular pigments (rosacea, and spider veins on the face) as well as sun damage pigmentation. 

After IPL, you need to use very effective sun protection. You need to protect your skin with a physical barrier and sunscreen (Anjou has high quality mineral SPF options in our boutique). You can reference Refine Medical’s site or call them to ask any questions. This also means that fall and winter is a great time to start an IPL treatment course. 

To support IPL with an Anjou Spa skincare treatment, we would recommend refraining from a facial the week before your IPL treatment (as well as any very active topicals, such as retinol), and then waiting until a complete cycle of cell turnover has completed before getting a facial – about 2 weeks. Once your skin is a bit less sensitive, book a facial at Anjou Spa to hydrate and nourish your skin. Book an Anjou Custom Facial and let your esthetician know you’ve had IPL so they can customize your treatment. 

Get a Deeper and Longer Lasting Result

Another treatment that would pair well with Anjou services is Refine Medical’s Fractional Skin Resurfacing treatment. This treatment is ideal for clients wanting to decrease wrinkles, improve skin complexion, reduce acne scars or other skin irregularities, and provide a healthier, younger-looking appearance. 

“With our treatment, you are actually injuring the surface of the skin – about 10% of the skin’s surface cells are damaged. But by doing that you stimulate the healing and regenerative properties that our skin has. And that healing and rejuvenation actually spreads wide to the cells all around the damaged area — which is why the percent of skin damaged is so low, yet with really effective results.” 

Fractional Skin Resurfacing is done less frequently, and you do need a month of recovery. However, after receiving this treatment, facials will be able to penetrate more deeply. 

“It’s as if the layers of dead and damaged skin are slowly being chipped away and removed so that we can treat the dermis underneath. With that first layer gone, the results of any topical treatments are going to be even more effective. The more we can work with fresher, more revitalized skin, the more dramatic your results will be.”

With living in a dry, cold and windy climate, it’s important to maintain skin and body health with moisture from the inside out (drink that water!). However, in our Central Oregon air, you need to give moisture and care to the outside, too. 

By doing treatments to stimulate the deep collagen level coupled with hydration and external treatments, you’re going to get the best results for your skin possible and help maintain your skin in between treatments. 

Have a regular routine on the outside will only increase and assist the treatments that Refine Medical offers. 

Learn about Refine Medical and Anjou’s Esthetic Services at our 9/26 Event

On September 26th from 3-6:30pm, Anjou’s estheticians and Refine’s own Dr. Mondorf will be available for skin consultations, education of services and products, incredible high-valued raffled gifts and services, and an event-only discount along with deeper discounts on summer items. Join us next Thursday and RSVP on Facebook!

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