Self-care is especially important during the holidays. While it is the season of joy, December can actually be a really high-stress time. The darkest month of the year is also the busiest month of the year! December gives us cause to leave our cozy homes and attend festive parties, collect gifts, or make those extra last-minute trips to the store for large family dinners. Don’t forget to pause and set some boundaries for yourself this season.

Tips for self-care during the holidays:

Say no when you need to

Just because you’ve been invited to a party (or even a family get-together) doesn’t mean you have to attend. If you prefer a quiet Christmas Eve at home or a few nights of Hanukkah laying low, take them! Explain to your loved ones that you are trying something new this year and want some time for introspection. Or, offer to host something very casual at your place and save yourself the stress of travel. Either way, evaluate what would feel good to you, and make a plan to do it.

Start a new tradition

Take a trip over Christmas, give to charity, or start a new tradition of practicing self-care with your family (Anjou Spa has suggestions for group events and treatments, too, just ask!). Now is the time to start a new tradition that better aligns with being kind to yourself – and spreading that kindness around.

Give yourself a limit

Hosting parties, cooking, buying gifts and being with others is fun — and can also be overwhelming. Often times, we forget to take time to enjoy the magic that December brings. Try making a bucket list of the top ten (or less!) things you want to do this month. Include family events, any new traditions, self-care (Anjou has some super cozy specials right now) and things that you really enjoy this time of year (ice skating? cocoa-sipping?). By writing down your priorities, you can make sure to enjoy what you really love about this season, and meet January with a full heart.

Here’s a recap on our other self-care posts:

  1. Address the things that keep you up at night: make a list, talk to a professional, or find a group online to hash out your anxieties.
  2. Talk to your family and friends, let them know that you are making self-care a priority
  3. Identify your top stressful times of the day and plan for or around those.
  4. Go offline regularly. Plan a trip to the mountains, or just go on a walk, and step away from digital devices.
  5. Create a daily self-care ritual
  6. Give yourself permission to be done!
  7. Practice self-care especially when things get tough or the outlook looks bleak.
  8. Research what is making you have anxiety
  9. Get up and move!
  10. Reach out to others for help.

Remember this: self-care isn’t selfish. You will show up as a better employee, mother, daughter, partner, and friend if you are taking care of yourself and your needs. And that’s nothing to feel guilty about.

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