Anjou Spa is currently closed. Anticipated Re-Opening in Early Autumn 2017

We have had the utmost pleasure of working with many talented professionals for almost seven years now here in Bend, Oregon. The amount of massage therapists, estheticians, stylists, and nail techs ––not to mention the amount of clients they’ve serviced over the years–– has been a lot of good people coming and going through our doors.

This year, starting in the Spring, we want to take an extra eye to each employee and show our appreciation for all that they do, especially the individual specialities each brings to the spa.

This Spring, we are spotlighting Licensed Massage Therapist, Sherry Dodd! Sherry has been helping people in pain relief for ten years now, and finds that’s still her daily highlight. She specializes in a blend of swedish and deep tissue massage. Sherry listens to the client, tunes into their needs and brings it all together, facilitating a deep space for relaxation.

Watching peoples body language, muscles, and minds relax can be a real honor to facilitate. Especially in a warm, spa environment where everyone can reap the benefits from start to finish –– not just one the massage table.

Each Therapist has their own specialities, home care tips, and tricks up their sleeves. Sherry offers the following to her clients:

  • Professional Tip: Listen to your body–– stretch, ice, heat, rollers, warm baths ––whatever you enjoy most, do that as often as possible.
  • Product Recommendation: Eminence Apricot Oil. It’s facial grade, and best used before you towel dry, but after a warm shower.
  • Treatment Recommendation: Spa Hoppiness Brew ‘n’ Renew Body Polish. It’s a fun, Bend-themed experience Anjou created in the beginning of micro-brew beer demand we all saw happening a couple years ago.

With a Spa Hoppiness Brew ‘n’ Renew being her treatment recommendation, we are gifting Sherry with one all for herself. Thank you, Sherry for being apart of our Anjou team, and helping clients each and every single day.

Interested in a spa treatment? Book online or call (541)241-8454 (and ask for Sherry)!