We’ve been busy finding some simple ways you can ‘green clean‘ your home this Spring! There are great products out there that eliminate chemicals to dry clothes and clean your windows, dishes and home surfaces; curated for you and available at Anjou.

Green Clean your Home with the following recommendations:

  • WOOLZIES Dryer Balls (and essential oil kits) lessen your dryer time by 25% without harsh chemicals. You can also add essential oils to diffuse your laundry and home simultaneously. Customize your laundry loads with essential oils to smell amazing everywhere you go, wow!
  • eCloth tiny fibers are 1,000 times finer than cotton fibers. The filaments are so small and so strong; using just water they break up, lift, lock in, and clean deep down into the tiniest grooves and crevices. Just clean with warm water!

Green Clean your Body with these organic spa treatments:

  • Now that Oregon as as state has out-lawed those plastic micro-bead exfoliators, you have to give them the toss, and visit us for some natural, organic exfoliators: Eminence offers several including the Strawberry Dermafoliant, Red Current Exfoliant, and the Bright Skin Cleansers.
  • A great add-on for your hair is the Stout Scalp. Not only is it quintessential Bend, but the hydrating properties of GoodLife’s Stout and our in-house conditioner use the natural benefits of beer to make your hair feel silky smooth. You can add it to a massage, body polish or facial, as well.
  • Carrying on with Bend’s beer theme, try our Brew n’ Renew Body Polish that gets you green-cleaned in beer, hops, and barley. Truly another Bend experience!
  • We’ve rolled out some seriously lovely Spring offers for our seasonal services. Read about them here . . .
  • Renewal Peels are a great way to jump-start your skin. If you plan on getting a facial then consider a peel first; peels remove several layers of dead skin cells that allow facials to be super effective for deep cleaning and moisturizing your skin. We have several results-oriented, organic peels that vary in strength and price ($49 – $74).
  • Your feet have been in boots for months. . . months! And you want to take them around town in flip flops, just like that? Put pride into your spring step with a pedi (non-polish or polish). We have a beer enthusiast option, aptly called the Ale-ing Foot Soak, and a non-beer option called the Herbal Foot Soak & Remedy. Or, get our spa pedicure with 5-free nail polishes and a ‘Bee Heeled’ Seasonal Pedicure.

Come in to the spa to pick up your Green Cleaning products and book a Spring special, today!