Anjou Spa is Currently Closed, Opening October 2017

With summer a solid 60 days behind us, getting some holiday highlights will get you rockin’ those holiday parties and family gatherings in no time. Not only is our salon proudly non-toxic (products), but a custom color job will transform the season for you!


Meaning “to sweep” in French, it’s a freehand color painting technique resulting in a softer, sun-kissed look rather than traditional foils. You often see it incorporated in an ‘ombre’ which leads to our next holiday highlight…


A graduated shade from dark (top of head) to light and can either be subtle or dramatic. This is a popular coloring technique for celebrities and is here to stay.


Sombre is a fairly new term, used as a way to describe ombre’s more subtle cousin. This freehand technique is a great way to combine the best of Balayage with the trend of ombre, in a subtle and beautiful look. It is flattering with every color from dark to light, but remember- its all about being soft!

Book your holiday highlights soon as you can; appointments will book up!