Anjou Spa is Currently Closed, Opening October 2017

Hops & Barley Polish

We love our beer in Bend, and from the hoppiest of IPAs to the thickest of stouts, you’d be hard pressed to find a finer variety of delicious brews than we have here. With beer-centric celebrations such as the Fermentation Celebration, Bend Oktoberfest, the Little Woody and Central Oregon Beer Week, Bend has poured its heart into becoming Beer City, USA.

To celebrate Bend’s love of beer, we’re collaborating with one of our town’s greatest breweries, GoodLife Brewing Company, the people who brought you such wondrous elixirs as the eminently quaffable Sweet As Pacific Ale, the cleverly monikered Pass Stout and the full-flavored Descender IPA. We’ve tailored several specialty services to incorporate GoodLife Brewing’s delightful suds into the experience, including:

Ale-ing Foot Remedy, $49, 40 mins: Soak your feet in copper bowls filled with freshly warmed beer while you enjoy a cold one from GoodLife Brewing. Shed the rough edges with a crushed barley and hops foot scrub. Finish with a hops-infused lotion application and a relaxing foot and lower leg massage for renewed and happy feet. Includes callus removal, nail and cuticle shaping (no polish).

Key Benefits: The antibacterial properties of yeast derived from the beer promotes a purifying and cleansing effect on the skin. Extremely beneficial for any mild fungal issues. Also stops rough-feet complaints from bedmates.

Brew & Renew Body Polish, $79, 45 mins: In our fabulous Vichy room, your body is scrubbed with an in-house handcrafted polish of hops, barley, honey, jojoba oil and salt. Warm beer is gently poured over the body with a hops-infused lotion to finish. Served with a frosty mug of GoodLife Brewing draft beer. It’s the good life!

Key Benefits: Hops provides excellent soothing qualities to stressed out and dry skin while exuding sedative aromas. Barley is packed with Vitamin C, antioxidants and minerals and is anti-inflammatory. Warm beer provides an anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial finish for your skin.

Stout Scalp Treatment, $14: GoodLife Brewing Stout & NW local honey treatment leaves hair silky and conditioned w/ pH-balancing nature of beer. Add-on to a massage or a visit to the hair salon for a conditioning treatment.

Key Benefits: The dark beer (stout) leaves hair as silky as the best conditioner. Honey is a natural humectant and when combined with stout provides B6 vitamins, antioxidants and pH-balancing benefits.

Spa Hoppiness Package, $149: Enjoy all three beer treatments packaged together for a unique beer-enthusiast experience. Take home a beer-infused natural Le Col soap.

Come to Anjou Spa’s First Friday event on October 3rd (5-8pm) to learn more!