In seeking balance—life, skin, energetically, and physicality. There is a right time for stasis and for action; don’t be so hard on yourself if you’re sitting still, taking it all in.

Balance will support overall health and wellness, both inside and out.


That organic natural ingredients support our goals to remain healthy and therefore, promote these products as much as possible. Results-oriented products need to be part of the equation—sourcing the healthiest, most natural options for our clients to achieve those goals.

The healthiest, least toxic, odor-free options for clients and staff of nail salon services should be standard.


Every gesture in your treatment has been thoughtfully expressed in our staff training. How you start, transition, and complete your service is an important part of the experience.

When seeking relaxation, you should be treated with grace, respect, and warmth. We are so happy to have you with us! Welcome.


In continuity of care, and support the ongoing conversation of wellness with you and our therapists.

The pursuit of wellness necessitates a lot of experimentation and an open mind. There is no formula; listen to your body, listen to your head, ask yourself what feels good and doesn’t feel good. It’s a process.


In introducing exotic concepts or new botanical frontiers; we feel desire to promote useful, applicable discovery of this vast world to Central Oregon.

We Believe that we live in one of the most beautiful, bountiful places in the world—and that it should be shared with others. Welcome! 


OUR FACILITY Anjou Spa is committed to being sustainable.

Towels and robe textiles are chosen specifically to reduce time in the dryer. In addition, the products used for the daily cleaning of our facility, as well as the laundry products used to wash and dry our towels and robes, are all biodegradable and toxin-free.

Anjou Spa is committed to reducing packaging and waste and to recycle all possible items in the spa. Empty bottles are sent back to our vendors or recycled. Packaging material is saved to re-use in our own shipments to customers. In addition, we use recyclable paper and soy-based ink in as much of our business collateral as possible.

Anjou Spa features an ERV ventilation system (energy recovery ventilator) which provides 100% fresh, clean air from outside and sends 100% exhaust air outside. This means each room has its own supply of fresh outdoor air along with its own exhaust directly to the outdoors; meaning zero air is recirculated around the spa. Read more about our ERV system here

We are always looking to increase our Green cred! Send us your suggestions to info@anjouspa.com

Call us at (541) 241-8454 to schedule your next treatment or book online. Consider home goods, organic self-care products, and other gems when shopping our Welcome Boutique at our new location of 1835 NW Pence Lane, Suite 120, off NW Shevlin Park Road. Read Anjou Spa Reviews here, and learn more about our Anjou Bend Spa Membership too.