Introducing Skin Scripts: effective, professional skincare on a budget.


Skin Scripts was created by those who know your skin the best: Estheticians.

Anjou Spa now carries the Skin Scripts line! Designed to be used on all skin types (safe for  pregnant women and breastfeeding mamas, too!). From peels to moisturizers, this line has something for everyone. We also can’t forget to mention they’re cruelty-free and offer a variety of vegan and gluten-free options! 

All products are paraben-free and natural.

Not sure what to choose? We have some recommended products specific to our Central Oregon climate! 


Pomegranate Antioxidant Cleanser: With a rich and creamy base, this cleanser is perfect for Bend’s dry, winter climate. With a variety of antioxidants and nutritional elements your skin will be hydrated, soothed, and rejuvenated. 

Vitamin C/Green Tea Serum: Speaking of antioxidants, there arguably isn’t a better one for your skin than Vitamin C. We are exposed to free radicals from various environmental sources like air pollution, cigarette smoke as well as sunlight. Vitamin C brightens, protects, and strengthens your skin to reveal brighter, firmer skin. 

Peptide Restoration Moisturizer: Complete your routine with the moisturizer that will nourish and hydrate your skin all within a lightweight, yet powerful formula. 

A Custom Facial including one of Skin Scripts enzymes: Enzymes are a natural chemical exfoliation designed to improve cellular turnover. Most include antioxidants that fight free radicals in our environment (like pollution!)

Your esthetician will determine which natural enzyme would best suit your skin. Time to freshen up your skin! Call 541-241-8454 or email to book your appointment.  

Shop in store to begin building your new skincare routine, we know you’re going to love it!