Mask Options for Fully Vaccinated Visitors

Remember when we used to get massages without wearing a mask? We do! We appreciate all the support and safety that Anjou visitors have demonstrated while coming to receive services with us during this public health emergency; we realize that wearing a mask during a massage (facials have been mask-free since reopening in June 2020 but visitors still wear masks around spa) is not the most comfortable thing in the world. Mask removal would enhance a much-needed wellness visit. 

With new CDC guidelines allowing fully vaccinated persons to remove their mask both indoors and outdoors (with exceptions), Anjou Spa is excited to offer freedom from wearing masks during a service. Starting Monday May 17th, if you can provide proof of being fully vaccinated (definition: at least two weeks have past since your 2nd dose or J&J one-shot), then we will allow you to remove your mask while inside the spa.

Those who are not fully vaccinated or have not started the process will be required to follow the public health policies we have had in place the last 11 months: you will be required to wear a mask inside the spa at all times, including during your massage service. 


What Can I Expect?

When you book an appointment with us, there is no need to provide proof of vaccination. However, you will be asked if you would like to be mask-less during your visit and if you indicate “yes”, you must email, text or physically show your vaccination card to us before we will waive the mask requirement during your visit. You do not have to show proof of vaccination if you do not want to, we respect everyone’s privacy and you are not required to disclose this information. However, if you do want to remove the mask, proof of vaccination will be required. 

Fully vaccinated staff will also be allowed to remove their mask while they work inside the facility. They’ve been waiting for this for months! If you see a staff member not wearing a mask, remember we have verified they are fully vaccinated.

At the end of the day, this is a personal choice for everyone. There may be some people who do not want to take off their mask despite being fully vaccinated. There may be some people who cannot get a vaccine yet for other reasons. We need to respect everyone’s level of comfort and be as safe as possible while normalizing operations.


Does Asking for Proof of Vaccination Violate HIPAA Laws?

It is a common point of confusion that requesting vaccination information directly from the source is a HIPAA violation.  Remember, in order to safely provided a licensed service such as a facial or massage, your intake form discloses medical history to Anjou already. This common practice is a disclosure of medical and private information to Anjou Spa which we protect with HIPAA compliant software (and Anjou will never disclose this information to anyone else). As you can see, requesting this information from the source is not a violation. 

What would be a violation is if we disclosed your information to a third party. For example: If someone asks your doctor if you are vaccinated and your doctor answers yes or no, the doctor has violated HIPAA. If someone asks you if you’re vaccinated? NOT a HIPAA violation. If a private business requires proof of vaccination to be a patron, also NOT a HIPAA violation.

Is It Risky to Allow Mask-less Visitors Inside Spa?

Between our facility’s pre-screening questionnaire and state-of-the-art ventilation system, we feel confident that staff and visitors won’t be at-risk allowing verified fully vaccinated visitors to walk around without a mask. While we still cannot fully reopen at this time (locker rooms, couples room and amenities continue to be closed or by-appointment-only), we will do what we can and safely, to normalize our operations. Allowing fully vaccinated visitors to not wear a mask during their visit is a big step! We look forward to your visit and to removal of all masks for everyone.

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