For those of us with a #momlife or planning on booking some Mother’s Day treats (and treatments) for our own moms, here are a few tips from our estheticians, to make the most of your Anjou Spa Treatment and your skincare routine this month.

Arrive early and take a few thoughtful moments to enjoy the steam room prior to getting your treatment (yes, it is up and running!). Not only will this help to transition your mind and body from “mom-mode” to relax mode, but the steam will soften skin, loosen build up and open up your pores — a fantastic and gentle way to prep your skin for a treatment. This also encourages increased exfoliation and extraction to give your skin maximum treatment benefits.

After your treatment, enjoy the Hot Sand Sauna to further drive products deeper into the epidermis. The Hot Sand Sauna at Anjou Spa is inspired by traditional Korean ondols (warm floors) and heats up to between 120° to 140°F. The heat waves permeate deep into the body raising your core body temperature, but without sweating thanks to the infrared heat above. This improves blood flow, muscle recovery, and overall immunity.

Before and after your treatment, please drink plenty of water, your skin will reflect how hydrated you are staying!

Between visits to the spa, consider supporting your skin every day with a marine collagen supplement, staying hydrated, and using a mineral SPF sunscreen like the Caramel and Vanilla Latte tinted moisturizers or the Sun Defense Minerals. Have home-care questions? will email our esto staff; they’ll get back to you!

Call us at (541) 241-8454 to schedule your next treatment or book online. Consider home goods, organic self-care products, and other gems when shopping our Welcome Boutique at our new location of 1835 NW Pence Lane, Suite 120, off NW Shevlin Park Road. Read Anjou Spa Reviews here, and learn more about our Anjou Bend Spa Membership too.