Me Time
Sometimes the best self-care is time and space to yourself. This DIY, self-guided ritual gives you access to our spa facilities and your choice of thoughtfully curated body care goodies to see yourself through as long as you’d like to stay. No rush. Your private time includes a spa tonic, eye mask, meditation audio, and snack of choice. Choose one item from each of the following self-care items:
2+ hours $85 book now

  • Body Wash: Tea Tree & Lavender (cleansing), Citrus Sunshine (uplifting), Clary Sage & Fir (grounding)
  • Body Scrub: Grapefruit Ginger Sugar Scrub (cleansing), Lemongrass Lavender Sugar Scrub (uplifting), Coconut Hibiscus (soothing)
  • Body Lotion: Naseberry (restoring), Coconut Firming (toning), Stone Crop (hydrating)
  • Facial Masque: Red Currant (revitalizing), Calm Skin Arnica (calming), Strawberry Rhubarb (hydrating)
  • Facial Serum: 8 Greens Youth Serum (tightening/brightening), Willow Bark (healing/clarifying), Stone Crop (hydrating)

Super Session
This luxurious ritual session covers all the bases with a 60 minute Anjou Custom Body Massage followed by a 60 min Anjou Face and Seasonal Mani & Pedi. Detailing and rejuvenation at its best!
3.25 hours $280book now

Purify Package
Find your glow again with dry body brushing, our 60 min Detoxifying Herbal Thai Poultice, and your choice of Clear Skin, Cellular Renewal, or Shine Bright Facial.
2 hours $240 book now

Sweet Renewal
Sculpt, renew, and hydrate with this 3-step body care package: Your skin is gently exfoliated with a jasmine rice scrub, then toned with a full body masque of mulberry, cedarwood, and rosemary –– followed by a long, hydrating custom full body massage with warmed Ytsara Vital Energy body oil.
2 hours $175book now

Take the Edge Off
Anjou Pedi & Mani combination, reviving tired looking hands and feet. Manicure includes 5-free gel. Comes with chocolate and champagne.
2.3 hours $130book now