Self-Care Like A Bend Boss

Anjou Spa recently held a self-care event for the Bend Boss Babes, a networking group of women business owners in Bend, Oregon. We caught up with Holly Roberson, owner of with Soul Social Media, and co-founder of Bend Boss Babes, after the event to get her...

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Men’s Skin Care Products Are No (Dad) Joke

Here’s a dad joke to start out with... What’s a cow’s favorite skincare product? Moo-sturizer. We all have a guy in our world who would laugh at his own cheesy dad jokes just like this one. You know what’s no joke? Men that take care of their skin and...

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Wellness Tips

Beauty starts with what we put into our bodies and how we treat ourselves every day. Little changes in our lifestyles (i.e. drinking more water, getting a little extra sleep, snacking on whole foods) can really increase the health and natural beauty of our...

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Pre-facial Tips for Moms

For those of us with a #momlife or planning on booking some Mother’s Day treats (and treatments) for our own moms, here are a few tips from Molly Morton, our Lead Esthetician, to make the most of your Anjou Spa Treatment and your skincare routine this month. Arrive...

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Momma’s Love the New 75-min Aqua Facial!

We have some fantastic Mother’s Day Gifts at Anjou Spa, and we’re sharing them one blog at a time. She brought you into this world soooo! . . . she makes your day a little brighter, or you just adore her, or it's complicated, but!––it’s all about honoring mothers in...

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