PLEASE ARRIVE MINIMUM 10-15 MINUTES EARLY FOR YOUR APPOINTMENT. Online booking is subject to adjustments of 15-30 minutes due to therapist schedule. Anjou will call you if adjustment is needed. For all spa policies please visit here for more information. Thank you.

Hot Sand & Steam Visit
*Announcement: our steam room is currently closed for maintenance. A 15% discount will be issued while it is down.
A basic visit to the facility for up to two hours. The facility includes hot sand room, steam, locker room and lounge area. Includes towel, robe, sandals, and a locker with a lock.

30 min $30 – book now

Every massage includes complimentary aromatherapy with high-grade essential oils and salts, aromatically steamed in a copper tureen.

Anjou Custom Body
Our custom relaxation massage treatment is truly for everyBODY. Guided by your current needs, this includes hot towels, foot cream, and hot stone accents to help unwind chronic tension. 90-min includes foot scrub. +Deep Tissue, $15
60 min $90 – book now / 90 min $130 – book now

Your Body Works
Our custom sports massage focuses on site-specific musculoskeletal issues. Modalities may include: Deep tissue massage, myofascial treatment, and pressure point therapy. Includes cupping and your choice of pain-relieving topicals: CBD or Anica. Caution: light bruising may appear post-service.
60 min $105 – book now / 90 min $140 – book now

Luk Pra Kob
Increase energy flow, circulation and flexibility with penetrating herbal essence delivered by heated Thai compresses dipped in oil. Ideal for prolonged stress, stiff joints, or conditions that need deep work but are tender to the touch. Finished with a specialized Thai stick treatment to release adhesions in the foot.
75 min $130 – book now

Sticks & Stones
Heated bamboo and basalt stones infuse warmth, elongate muscles, and detoxify tissues for deep relief and relaxation. Complete with organic essential oils and foot scrub.
90 mins $140 – book now

Mother Love
Pregnancy brings changes to the body that require a delicate touch. Let us assist in dissolving daily aches and pains with hot towels, restorative, pregnancy-safe essential oils, and heated river stones to soothe tired feet. A reparative belly balm assists tender belly skin as it stretches. You (and your little one) will leave feeling relaxed and ready. (Not available for pregnancies in first trimester)
60 min $100 – book now

Dynamic Duo
Relax alongside your sweetheart or your bestie. Customized to what your body needs most today, and truly indulgent, with hot towels and a heated jade stone finish that melts tight muscles and soothes busy minds. Includes locally made truffles and champagne. 90-min includes foot scrub. 
60 mins $180 – book now / 90 mins $260 – book now

Sweet Renewal
Sculpt, renew, and hydrate with this 3-step body care package: Your skin is gently exfoliated with a jasmine rice scrub, then toned with a full body masque of mulberry, cedarwood, and rosemary, followed by a long, hydrating custom full body massage with warmed Ytsara Vital Energy body oil.
2 hours $175  – book now

The Reflex
Provides relief for tired, tight feet with a focused massage accompanied by either arnica or CBD topical. Pressure-points, ankles, and calves are worked on and finished with a foot scrub for complete renewal.
30 min $50 – book now (*Only available M-Thurs.)

Sweet Relief
Targeted custom massage for people with limited time.
30 min $50 – book now (*Only available M-Thurs.)



(Please call 541-241-8454 to add the following enhancements to your service.)

CBD Oil Upgrade
Substitute massage cream with an organic pain-relieving CBD massage oil.
*Not available if pregnant.

Deep Tissue
Accompanied by organic, medicinal body cream, we focus on prolonged pressure of your muscle fiber’s inner layers and connective tissue, or fascia, and break up adhesions or “knots” that are causing discomfort.

Hair & Scalp Revitalizer
A must for Bend’s dry climate! Transforms hair and scalp and promotes hair growth with an intense blended serum suited for all hair types. Combats itchy scalp and keeps hair young and beautiful. Hot towel hydrates and infuses serum into hair follicles and scalp.
15 min $20

Jasmine Rice Body Polish
Wash away body ash with an exfoliation of jasmine rice scrub, mulberry body masque, finished with Ytsara Vital Energy body oil.
30 min $50

Increases circulation and releases toxic build up in impacted areas. Cupping uses negative pressure to break up adhesions, soften connective tissues, induce relaxation, and, most importantly, relieve pain.
Caution: light bruising may appear post-service.

Dry  Brushing
Sheds dead skin cells, resulting in smoother and brighter skin. Improves overall circulation and lymphatic drainage to relieve fluid retention and puffiness and increase immunity. Includes your own natural-bristle brush for continued use at home.