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Sugaring is an all-natural hair removal process that is more comfortable and achieves superior results to waxing, with no ingrown hairs, longer grow back times and softer, more consistent hair.

Brows $25
Lip $15
Chin $15
Full Face (nic brows) $38
Underarms $28
½ Arm/Arms $35/$44
½ Leg/Legs $45/$70
*Bikini $45
*Brazilian/Maintenance $75/$65
Back $55
Chest $45
*please trim hair to ½” length prior to arrival for your comfort


Brows $20 – book now
Lip $12 – book now
Chin $12 – book now
Full Face (not inc. brows) $33 – book now
Underarms $23 – book now
Arms $37 – book now
Half Arms $30 – book now
Legs $60 – book now
Half Legs $35 – book now
Bikini $35 – book now
Brazilian $65 – book now
Back $45 – book now
Chest $35 – book now


Brows $20 – book now
Lashes $30 – book now
Brows and Lashes $45 – book now

Lash Lift is a new generation perming method that is safer, more effective and more beautiful than traditional eyelash perms. Create lift, curl, and definition to natural lashes! Great alternative for clients not wanting the maintenance of eyelash extensions or daily curling. Combined with a tint to darken the lash color for that effortless around-the-clock glam look. Results last up to 8 weeks.
90 min $100 book now