PLEASE ARRIVE ON TIME FOR YOUR WAXING APPOINTMENT. DO NOT USE THE STEAM OR SAUNA BEFORE WAXING, THIS WILL AFFECT PERFORMANCE OF SERVICE RESULTS. Online booking is subject to adjustments of 15-30 minutes due to therapist schedule. Anjou will call you if adjustment is needed. For all spa policies please visit here for more information. Thank you.

ANJOU BENEFIT: Waxing services may include High-frequency wand post-waxing and sugaring to reduce redness, eliminate bacteria, minimize break-outs and promote skin healing. 

NOTE: Steam and sauna are not available with waxing services. 


Sugaring is an all-natural hair removal process that is more comfortable and achieves superior results to waxing, with no ingrown hairs, longer grow back times and softer, more consistent hair. 

Brows $22book now

Lip $15book now

Brow + Lip $35book now

Chin $15book now

Ear Grooming $18book now

Nose Grooming $15book now

Full Face (nic brows) $38book now

Neck $22book now

Underarms $28book now

½ Arm $35 / Full Arms $45book now/book now

½ Leg $50 / Full Legs $70book now/book now

Bikini $40 / Extended Bikini $55book now

Bikini + Legs $100book now

Brazilian $75 / *Maintenance $65book now
*re-booked within 5 weeks

Back $55book now

Chest $50book now


Brows $20book now

Lip $12book now

Brow + Lip $32 – book now

Chin $12book now

Jaw (inc. sideburns) $20book now

Full Face (not inc. brows) $33book now

Toes $8book now

Ear Grooming $12book now

Nose $12book now

Underarms $23book now

½ Arms $30 / Arms $45book now

½ Legs $45 / Legs $60book now

Bikini $35 / Extended Bikini $55 – book now

Bikini + Legs $85book now

Brazilian $65 / *Maintenance $55book now
*re-booked within 5 weeks

Back $45book now

Chest $40book now

Back, Neck + Shoulders $75book now


Brows $20 – book now

Lashes $30 – book now

Brows + Lashes $45 – book now

Lash Lift & Tint
Lash Lift is a semi-perming method that creates, curls and adds definition to natural lashes! Low-maintenance with no daily curling or extensions, it’s a great alternative. Combine with a tint to darken the lash color for that effortless around-the-clock glam look. With proper maintenance, results can last up to 8 weeks. Minimum lash length 9mm.
60 min $100 book now