Anjou Spa is currently closed. Anticipated Re-Opening in Early Autumn 2017

It is important that not only the physical environment surrounding our customers be “green”, but the products are all-natural and organic. The spa and salon has a diverse selection of results-oriented organic retail products.

When you get a service from Anjou Spa, the organic products being used are a delight for both the client and the employee. Not only is it important that you keep your body healthy while pampering yourself, but it’s important to keep the therapist and technician healthy as well.

This is especially important in the nail and hair rooms, where conventional practices have exposed us to too many chemicals and carcinogens. For example, Shellac and Minx were considered but ultimately, not viewed as a long-term healthy way to treat your nails. Anjou Spa uses non-toxic nail polish only; polish formulas that do not have carcinogens and are safe for repeated use and pregnant women. Best of all, these formulas are lasting and durable. Learn more here…

The products used in the spa and salon are chosen for their commitment to using organic and natural ingredients. Anjou Spa is confident we have found the most results-oriented formulas and are so excited to share them with you!

Our Facility

Anjou Spa is committed to being sustainable. During construction, existing trim, doors and walls were re-used and demolished materials were recycled when possible. Our wood flooring is made from sustainably-harvested bamboo and the walls/ceilings were painted with low VOC-emitting interior paint.

Towels and robe textiles are chosen specifically to reduce time in the dryer. In addition, the products used for the daily cleaning of our facility, as well as the laundry products used to wash and dry our towels and robes, are all biodegradable and toxin-free.

Anjou Spa is committed to reducing packaging and waste and to recycle all possible items in the spa. Empty bottles are sent back to our vendors or recycled. Packaging material is saved to re-use in our own shipments to customers. In addition, we use recyclable paper and soy-based ink in as much of our business collateral as possible.

We are always looking to increase our Green cred! Send us your suggestions to info @