Adopt-A-Caregiver Program

We all appreciate the hard, dangerous work our medical professionals are doing to get us through the Covid-19 pandemic. Brave people in our community and throughout America have been on the front lines trying to keep COVID-19 patients comfortable and recovering. It’s dangerous, exhausting work, and they have sacrificed their own well-being for an extended time to keep us safe.

The toll on caregivers’ mental and emotional health, along with tired backs, legs, and feet, dry faces (from PPE) and damaged skin is enormous. We can’t give our caregivers a hug right now, but here’s a way we can all show them how much we care.

Adopt-a-Caregiver Program Details

For the rest of the Pandemic, Anjou Spa will be sending customized “care packages” to caregivers at St. Charles Medical Center to help them with their concerns they’ve developed (skin and muscular). We will curate these packages through Zoom consultations with our licensed estheticians and massage therapists. Here’s how you can help!

Details: When you check out after your services or product shopping you’ll be asked if you’d like to contribute to the Adopt-a-Caregiver program. Put in a dollar amount you’re willing to contribute. It can be $1, or more! 

We hope to raise enough money to give some love and attention to 3-4 caregivers a month. The gift basket will have (as an example):

  1. $100 gift card to Anjou (our donation)
  2. Waterless balm for hydrating face while wearing masks (no oil around PPE)
  3. Facial oil to hydrate skin when home
  4. Masque
  5. Moisturizer 
  6. Organic massage oil
  7. Fascia release ball

If you purchase an online gift card and leave a note, we can print this and include your personal message in their care package. You’re also welcome to include a thank you note to express your gratitude, or anonymously help brighten the day of our most essential workers. Please deliver a note for us to include, you can email to or drop it off and slip it under the front door!


Here’s how you can help and donate: 

• Go to our Online Gift Cards Page (button above) and then fill in the following information:

• Recipient Name: Adopt-A-Caregiver

• Fill in your desired amount.

You can leave a personal note for them, we will print out and send with the care packages they receive from us.

• Click deliver via email and put in the following email address:

Thank you for supporting us in this program!