Steam and Sauna Deal: Get 5 visits for 4!

Do you ever just want to pop by for a quick steam and then sit in the sauna on a chilly day? Well now you can get a special discount on your Spa Escape! Join us this winter for Apres Anjou and enjoy later hours as well as a special deal on your Steam & Sauna visit: 5 visits for the price of 4!

Exclusive after hours Hot Sand Sauna & Steam time!

Beginning February 7th through the rest of winter we will be open LATER on weekends for Hot Sand Sauna and Steam visits!

New exclusive Apres Anjou hours:

Fri-Sun Evenings: 6-8pm
Sunday Mornings: 10-11am

Our other services will stop at 6pm. You may still book Steam & Hot Sand Sauna visits while services are ongoing, but availability will be limited. Take advantage of this exclusive time to relax and rejuvenate!

Steaming has several benefits including improving circulation, lowering blood pressure, reducing stress and clearing congestion. Steaming is the perfect way to detox this winter!

Our Korean Hot Sand Sauna is like nothing else in Bend! It uses infrared heat is which makes it different from conversational saunas that use steam and hot coals. Infrared heat heats objects, not the air. That alone makes it a more efficient, productive heating system that is relaxing and therapeutic. And you get to lay down on a warm sand floor and just let your body melt into the earth!

Buy a 5-pack for the price of 4 visits! That’s a 20% savings at $120. Buy your Steam and Sauna 5 pack here! 

Looking for a single visit pass? Those are still available! You can come Steam and Sauna at Anjou (when available) for $30 per visit. Each steam and sauna session includes Kombucha and Tea, as well as access to our facility for up to 2 hours. Use Anjou as your daytime escape and experience some “Ahhhhh” anytime!

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