The Foot Parlour is bringing new member benefits!

We are hard at work re-vamping our nail room for the Foot Parlour. When we reopen on January 13th, you’ll be able to book the new Member services that select the best of Hand, Foot and Nail Care. Read on to understand exactly how your member benefits will change. We hope you’ll find our member benefits more unique, more diverse and more broadly appealing. As we become busier and busier, isn’t it great to have choice to either focus on relieving your hardest working part of your body: your feet.

Just a reminder, the nail room will be closed on January 8th – 12th

What can you expect? Well, we will have new furniture; couches and chairs raised on platforms. This allows our employees to work on clients feet all day without hurting their back, arms and all the other body parts that ache from bending over! The room will be softer atmospherically with lower light levels. Licensed professionals will work on your feet, hands and neck as you sink into our couches and chairs. Our services all center around the building block of our foot services: our Sanctuary Soak. While your feet soak in heated water, a warm neck compress gives you head-to-toe sense of peace and calm. From there you can add on foot and hand rubs, head, neck and shoulder rubs, deep hydrating beeswax treatments, CBD products, hot stones, signature scrubs, foot cupping, nail care and yes, even sheet masks!! Every service is fully clothed and can be enjoyed solo or with a group of friends. This is a true personalized experience for your needs to get the relief you want. And we’re serious about our foot rubs; ours will include use of foot tools to get in the little crevices that hide under your thick fascia on the feet or choose foot cupping to break up those fascia adhesions!

Sanctuary Soak: Seasonal sprigs or petals sprinkled with essential oils + epsom salts, a warm compress and an invigorating cold splash with aromatherapy and hydrating cream finish. Create your own: add any Enhancement to your soak for pure customization.

Even more relief for your legs and feet

To diversify our member offerings, Spa Members can choose either a nail-focus treatment or massage-focused treatment.

Members Only 

Choose from the following focus:

NAIL: 15-min foot rub + Parlour Pedi and *Therapie de la Main, polish is included with Parlour Pedi. 
MASSAGE: A Sanctuary Soak with Head, neck & shoulder rub, followed by a 35-min foot rub.

*Therapie de la Main: a non-polish manicure with focus on cuticle care and nail health.
+polish: $11 +gel polish: $20

By updating our offerings and adding in services like massage and comforts with CBD products, leg/foot cupping, dry brushing and aromatic scrubs, you get more selection. You can now choose to experience a rejuvenating treatment – way beyond just a change in polish – and truly enjoy some relief for those aching legs and feet! As well as enjoying more treatments centered around body wellness, we are expanding our ability to host groups. You can gather a few friends and relax together while being recharged with our healing hands at the Foot Parlour. See our group offering and book the Anjou Affair for your next birthday, wedding or event!

The Foot Parlour Menu

In addition to the Members Only services, check out our thoughtful creations that provide a unique journey of comfort and care.

Sanctuary Soak Intention: Relieve sore, tired feet. Ready for a pedi? See Nail Care menu below.
Relax and take a deep breath… this is your time to recharge and rest your feet. Soak those toes in a basin with beautiful seasonal sprigs or petals. Feel the stress melt away as the essential oils + epsom salts penetrate foot-sore tissue. Revive feet and legs with a  cold splash with aromatherapy and hydrating cream finish. Create your own experience with this treatment: add any Enhancement to your soak for pure customization.
25 mins $25 

Foot Euphoria Intention: Deeply soothing, rejuvenating
This treatment includes the Sanctuary Soak, with an organic seasonal scrub and a dreamy 30-min foot rub. Finish with soothing organic foot cream. A great building-block service for adding Enhancements to provide even more customization.
60 mins $75 

Foot Parlour Signature Intention: Head-to-toe relaxation
Includes a trifecta rub-down of Head, Neck & Shoulders during a Sanctuary Soak. Feet are exfoliated with a seasonal foot scrub. Next, head and scalp are calmed with a rub during a Bees Wax Bath for your feet, a nourishing blend of oils that penetrate skin deeply, while beeswax leaves a protective barrier. Escape with a 40-minute hot stone foot rub and warm, fragrant apricot oil drizzled on legs and feet. Finish with warming cinnamon foot cream for complete hydration. Essential oils: Signature blend.
80 mins $100 

Forest Bathing Intention: Detoxifying and relieving
Channel the calm and rebirth that the forest has to offer! Legs are dry-brushed to improve exfoliation and blood flow during a Sanctuary Soak with our signature essential oil Bend Blend which includes Dead Sea salt infused with forest blend essential oil. After the soak, feel refreshed with a an energizing seaweed mint scrub with choice of either detoxifying masque or enzyme peel for glowy feet. Surrender to a 30-min foot rub with hot stones and finish with wild-crafted and locally made Mountain Oil and a special Old World Pine Salve warm foot wrap. This treatment is especially effective for dry or cracked feet. Essential oils: Forest blend
90 mins $110 

Trouble Afoot  Intention: Need intense rejuvenating, fascia release
To ease those barking dogs with a Sanctuary Soak + a CBD bath bomb boost. Enjoy a seasonal foot scrub and foot cupping to encourage deep fascia release. Feel intense relief with an attentive 50-min foot rub with CBD massage oil to ease aching feet. Finish with cooling peppermint massage cream and you’ll feel like you’re walking on Cloud 9! Essential oils: Courageous blend
100 mins $135 

Add in some extras to facilitate your relaxation experience!



+Head, Neck & Shoulder: 20-min, $30
+Hand & Arm Massage: 20-min, $30
+15-min Rub: $25
+30-min Rub: $40
+Foot Cupping: $20
+Hot Stones: $15
+Bees Wax Bath: $15
  Nourishing oils penetrate deep into skin’s dermal layer while beeswax leaves a protective barrier for lasting softness. No fillers or artificial preservatives.
+CBD oil and bath bomb: $15
+Bend Blend Scrub: $10
Upgrade your Sanctuary Soak with Dead Sea salt, Forest blend essential oils and a locally-made mint-seaweed energizing scrub
+Sheet mask: $10
+Under-eye: $5


Parlour Pedi (add-on to Sanctuary Soak): $27
               + With Polish: $30
Therapie de la Main: Non-polish manicure with focus on cuticle care and nail health
20 min $20
               + With Polish: $39 / Gel Polish: $50
               +Member with Polish: $11 / Gel Polish: $20
+Gel Removal: $10 (adds 20 min) / Member: $8
+Toe Wax: $8
+Callus Removal: $10


The Anjou Affair
Includes a Sanctuary Soak, one drink from our beverage menu, plus a fruit and cheese plate and exclusive use of the Foot Parlour for your party. Optional to upgrade the Sanctuary Soak to any other treatment on the menu. This service requires a minimum booking of 4 people. Prefer to personalize your snacks and beverages? That’s no problem – bring in your own food and drinks for your gathering for a nominal charge of $40. The Anjou Staff will help provide setup and cleanup. Recommended enhancements: Sheet mask, Bees Wax Bath
60 mins, $55 per person

We are so excited to offer this new experience! Please reach out to our Welcome Desk if you have any questions about what’s changing with membership options, please email us at Book your Foot Parlour service starting January 13th. Call us at (541) 241-8454 to book your treatment, online booking will be made available soon.