Reboot the Roaring ’20s . . . only at Anjou Spa!

Anjou Spa will soon unveil a beautiful space decorated to evoke the roaring ’20s – but with modern comforts. The Foot Parlour will be dedicated to treating the legs, feet and nails of individual clients and parties. A relaxed, open atmosphere will lend itself to camaraderie, and the services are like nothing else you’ll experience in Bend. This means nail care will still be available, but so will killer foot rubs, as well as the ability to receive head, neck and shoulder rubs while sitting.

Fly solo or come with friends to care for the hardest working part of your body!

Parlour (or parlor), comes from the French word parloir, from parler, which means “to speak.” The parlour was a room in a house where people would relax and converse. 

Why the change? 

The Foot Parlour’s new space and menu will allow us to offer more services that are not gender-specific or as nail-focused; tired feet need to be addressed. In addition it syncs up better with our overall mission statement:

Nestled between the lush Cascade mountain range and the sprawling high desert, Anjou is a Lifestyle & Wellness Spa dedicated to the art of wellness. We believe that true well-being is a life-long conversation that it is as unique and organic as the Central Oregon landscape we live in. Holistic, results-driven and inspired, we focus on providing both timeless and pioneering hands-on treatments and experiences that invoke your body’s natural equilibrium towards strength, beauty and vitality.

We’ve also heard that our services could better serve groups and create a more social atmosphere at the spa. The Foot Parlour will accommodate groups of up to six people all receiving treatments concurrently. This will be a haven for special occasions, bridal parties, showers, birthdays, or just a special day out with friends.

Finally, seating will be elevated; this allows a more ergonomically correct station for all nail techs who bend and strain over feet for hours at a time and massage can also be provided in a comfortable setup while you are seated. Win-win for everyone!

We have some amazing treatments for hardworking people who are on their feet all day. Everyone needs a place to rest and rejuvenate their sore feet and legs. Check out a preview of our treatments!

foot parlour anjou spa

Sneak Peak: The Foot Parlour

Sanctuary Soak / Pedi: Relax into our cozy furniture and gently soak your feet in our signature copper bowl, caressed by petals and herbs, river rocks, soaking salts and aromatherapy. Add nail care for a polish or non-polish pedi. *Manicures will become Therapie de la Main

Members Only: CHOOSE: 15-min foot rub + Parlour Pedi and Therapie de la Main OR: Sanctuary Soak with Head, Neck and Shoulders followed by a 35-min foot rub. Polish is included with Parlour Pedi only. For Gel Mani see below.

Foot Parlour Signature: Intention: head-to-toe relaxation
Sanctuary Soak + Head, neck & shoulders massage, a seasonal scrub + Bees Wax Bath for your feet with calming scalp rub, aromatherapy, hot stones + 40-min massage with warm apricot oil. Finish with warming cinnamon foot cream.

Forest Bathing: Intention: detoxification, relief
Dry-brushing + Sanctuary Soak w/ Dead Sea salt followed by energizing scrub + warm foot wrap (seasonal masque or peel), hot stones + 30-min massage with Mountain Oil and hydrating Old World Pine Salve and aromatherapy finish.

Trouble Afoot: Intention: intense rejuvenation, deep tissue relief
Sanctuary Soak + CBD bath bomb, a seasonal foot scrub + foot cupping, CBD massage oil + 45-min massage. Finish with cooling peppermint massage cream.

The Anjou Affair: For groups of 4-6
Includes a Sanctuary Soak, champagne, fruit and cheese – or bring your own food and drink (cork fee applies)! Celebrate your affair, exclusively. Great for group fun!

Coming in January 2020!

Because we are renovating our nail room to create this fabulous transition, the nail area of the Spa will be closed on January 8th – 12th. Don’t worry – we are still offering manicures with our newly named Therapie de la Main – our manicure nail treatment with polish or gel polish.