KnotOut is now available in our Anjou Spa Shop!

There’s nothing like a professional massage, especially from our talented hands at Anjou Spa. But we can’t always fit a booking in our busy schedules (or the itch to get out and enjoy the last rays of the fall sun!)

Yet at the end of the day, or even first thing out of bed in the morning, we feel sore, tight muscles, and creaky knees. It’s our active Central Oregon lives that only contribute to it (and the smiles on our faces!) So what can we do to make our bodies feel as good as our souls? 

Turn to massage tools that are strong and effective at self-myofascial release. We have a few tools to try at Anjou Spa, but you really have got to come in and try the  KnotOut® tool! 

Why You Need the KnotOut®

The  KnotOut®  is better than a foam roller because it flexes with the contours of your body and bones! It gives you just the right amount of tension without being too hard on shoulders and joints. Bonus:  KnotOut® is locally made! 

 KnotOut® comes in varying strengths, from soft to hard, find the one that works for you. Read on to discover your favorite moves with the  KnotOut® 

How to use the KnotOut®: 

Try these moves for deep relief! 

how to use knot out

For use with the large/medium KnotOut® soft or firm

Step 1:  Sit right glute/buttock directly on  KnotOut® in a figure-four position with the right foot crossed on top of the left knee. With the right hand on the ground, lean into the right glute.

Step 2:  Roll up and down the right glute muscle using the trough (less pressure) or the ball (more pressure) 10-20 times for a self-myofascial release. Stop at areas of outstanding tightness and hold

20-30 seconds, practicing deep belly breaths. Repeat on the left side.

how to use knot out

Spinal Mobilizer: 
For use with the large/medium  KnotOut® soft or firm

Step 1:  Standing with your back to the wall, place the KnotOut® behind the back so the ball rests comfortably on either side of the spine. 

Step 2:  Walk your feet 6 to 24 inches from the wall in either a staggered or parallel stance (depending on fitness level). Keep the stomach tight and back pressed against  KnotOut®, then bend and straighten knees. Repeat 0-20 times for self-myofascial release or hold at areas of outstanding tightness for 20-30 seconds for trigger point release. Practice deep belly breathing throughout the entire exercise. 

Step 3:  Place  KnotOut® in a new starting location and repeat step 2. 

Step 4:  Repeat until the entire spine has been covered.

how to use knot out

For use with the x-small soft or firm KnotOut® 

Step 1:  Sitting at a table, place  KnotOut® under your forearm and rollover  KnotOut® 0-20 times, applying desired pressure for self-myofascial release, or stop and hold at tighter areas for 20-30 seconds for trigger point release.

Step 2:  Change the starting position of  KnotOut® or the position of your forearm and repeat Step 1. Repeat on the other arm.

how to use knot out

Calf release
For use with the medium/small  KnotOut® soft or firm

Step 1:  Sitting on the floor, straighten the right leg and bend the left leg so that your foot is firmly placed on the floor. 

Step 2:  Place KnotOut®  under your right calf and, using the hands and left leg, propel the body forward and back so KnotOut® rolls up and down the calf, applying desired pressure. Repeat on the other leg.


how to use knot out

Upper Trap Massage: 
For use with the x-small KnotOut®  soft or firm

Step 1.  In a seated or standing position, use your hand to find tight or stiff areas around shoulders and upper back of your right and left sides.

Step 2.  Using the narrow side of KnotOut® , apply gentle pressure to any areas of tightness. Hold 20-30 seconds, increasing or decreasing pressure as needed. Repeat on other areas of muscle tension. Repeat on the other side.

how to use knot out

Foot Massage: 
For use with the x-small KnotOut® soft or firm

Step 1:  Sitting in a chair, remove shoes and place foot on KnotOut®. Roll your foot up and down 0-20 times while applying desired pressure for self-myofascial release. Hold at tight areas and apply pressure for 20-30 seconds. 

Step 2:  If desired, change the starting location or angle of KnotOut®  and repeat Step 1. Repeat on the other foot.

how to use knot out

Cervical Extension: 
For use with the large KnotOut®  soft or firm

Step 1:  Lie flat on back with knees bent and feet flat on the floor. 

Step 2:  Place KnotOut®  under neck with the spine resting in the trough.

Step 3:  Look up at the ceiling and rest arms on the floor out to the side at shoulder level with palms up (lower hands if experiencing discomfort).

Step 4:  Allow the body to relax in this position while practicing deep belly breathing for 5-15 minutes.

how to use knot out

Wall Shoulder Release: 
For use with the medium KnotOut® soft or firm

Step 1:  Stand perpendicular to the wall with your right shoulder a few inches from the wall. Place the KnotOut® with the trough hugging the outside of the upper arm, just below the shoulder.

Step 2:  Using a staggered or parallel stance (depending on fitness level) and keeping the stomach tight, bend and straighten the knees while pressing into the KnotOut®  0-20 times for self-myofascial release. Sop at areas of outstanding tightness while applying pressure and holding for 20-30 seconds. Use belly breathing throughout this exercise.

Step 3:  To focus on the anterior or posterior areas of the upper arm, rotate forward and backward slightly, pressing into each ball. Repeat 10-20 times. Repeat on other shoulder.

Safety Precautions: 

There are many more ways to use KnotOut®  to help you experience deeper pain relief. Go to for more information and instructional videos. 

Please Read Completely Before Using Product.

Always consult your physician before beginning any exercise program or using any exercise product. Use only as directed. Keep out of the reach of children. Avoid direct pressure on the spine or other bones. 

KnotOut®  is not intended to treat any medical condition or injury. KnotOut® may not be suitable if you have a medical condition, disability, are pregnant, or are nursing a baby. Please consult with your medical professional before using the product. 

The manufacturer disclaims any liability for any injury, damage or loss incurred as a result of the use of this product.


Care Instructions: 

Clean the product using a sanitizing wipe or soft cloth dampened with a mild cleaning solution. Do not immerse KnotOut® or put in dishwasher or microwave. 

Pick up your KnotOut® in our shop today and while you’re there, grab some CBD topical cream to help soothe away your aches and pains. We’ve got relief at Anjou Spa!