For the Love of Serums:

Have you been using serums? If not, it’s time to add one to your skincare routine! At Anjou Spa, there is an entire corner of our shop dedicated to our Serum Center! We are diving in on the blog about our Serum Center over the next week in a three-part series to tell you what’s there and how to choose the best bottle for you!

What is a serum and why you should be using one:  

Serums are specially formulated oils and tonics that are applied to your skin (or eye area, or neck) that penetrate the skin. They are able to do this because they have a smaller molecular structure than other skin care products in your routine. 

If you live in Central Oregon, you should seriously consider a serum. Serums allow for deeper hydration, antioxidant application, and offer a high concentration of key ingredients. Looking to banish under eye circles? Lighten and lift your skin? Soothe wrinkles or sun damage? All these can be addressed with a serum!

How to use serums:

Cleanse, 2) toner, 3) serum, 4) moisturize or SPF: 

Your morning and nightly routine likely include cleansing and a toner spritz. Follow up with a serum and if needed, a moisturizer. Moisturizers can create a barrier to keep all those good ingredients in (and working) while you go about your day.

If your skin can’t handle both serum and moisturizer, a serum is great as a standalone, just remember to apply SPF! Read more about our SPF options here.

Serums will provide the quickest results when used twice daily. 

How to choose a serum: 

Book a facial with our expert estheticians: Licensed skincare experts can recommend a serum for you after evaluating and learning about your skin during our glorious facials. You can book here.

Consider your plan of attack: What problem areas to you see (or does your esthetician see) that you would like to address? Serums can also be specific to day or night, so you might want to think about picking one up for day and one for night. A night serum will be slightly heavier and more penetrating since it stays fairly undisturbed while you sleep. Night Serums: Fleur de Lune (Wild Folk Flower Apothecary) or Rosehip C+E Serum (Eminence). 

Anjou Spa has the serum you need, no matter what your skin care struggle might be. 

Why do you carry so many serums?

Because people’s skin type, age, and concerns run the gamut, we want to offer you options! But Anjou also wants to offer a diversity of expense, so we have filled our shelves with options from the low-$20’s to $100+. Keep in mind, a little serum goes a long way! 

We have recommendations for every kind of skin care struggle! Stay with us on this three-part series and we’ll give you all the details in Part 2: Your Skin Care Struggles Solved! You can find ALL the serums we talk about in our Shop, so if you just can’t wait, stop in and see what we have to ease your skin and look fantastic. 

In Part 3 we give serum recommendations for “extras” – like under the eyes and nighttime serums we love! Are you under 40? There’s a serum for you too.

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