If you’ve deferred maintenance on soft tissue and muscles, you may feel knotted up, creaky and crunchy. Yes, a massage is in order! But you should relax your body before getting heavy-duty work done on tight, strained muscles. And sometimes 60-90 mins isn’t enough!

If this sounds like you, ‘The Double Down’ massage is the perfect remedy

You’ll get amazing effects with this detoxifying, relaxing and results-oriented experience and feel a looseness and freedom you forgot you had. Tightness in areas you’ve had for months (or sometimes years) will relax. This double massage (yes, you read that right, two massages!) combined with a hot/cold protocol in-between gives your body the break it needs for a fresh start. Prepping your body first makes that intensive second massage rewarding and soothing — not painful.

Here’s how it works: 

  1. Start with a 60-min Anjou Body Relaxation massage which includes hot stone accents and soothing, long strokes.


  2. Rehydrate with coconut water, then take an hour break with DIY hot/cold contrast therapy using our steam room, shower and hot sand sauna to prepare your body for an intense full-body treatment (contrast therapy guide is provided).


  3. Enter your second massage; a 60-min Deep Tissue massage with high-grade, CBD-infused oil. This is a highly therapeutic, results-oriented process that will ease your tension and soreness and may include cupping and gua sha. At the end of the treatment, we offer a probiotic kefir drink that leaves you sated and rejuvenated.

Allow yourself four hours to prepare, complete and relax post-experience — you will be blissed out!

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