Hi, Darlene here, graphic designer, foodie, hiker, mom… AND self-proclaimed foot skin care expert.

I’ve tried everything:

Over the years I’ve always known one thing: my feet were not my best ahem… feet-ture. I have calluses, dry skin, and a few wayward toenails. I’ve tried many things – from exfoliating scrubs and peels, pedicures, and have even experimented with a drawer full of foot accessories designed to rid me of tough toes forever.

anjou baby foot

Did any of them work? Somewhat, and sometimes. I decided to kick it up a notch and try the cult foot favorite: Baby Foot.

My feet fears:

After picking some up at the Anjou Spa Welcome Boutique I was ready to go for it. With a few reservations… I admit that I was:

Worried it would tingle or be painful

Concerned that it would take off all my skin!

….And worried that it may not work at all?

So what was it like?

One recent afternoon, I slipped on the booties and put my feet up for one hour. By the way, the booties are definitely hard to walk around in, so avoid that or do it as little as possible. As I sat there letting the mysterious magic work, I was able to relax and do some work. The treatment didn’t hurt at all and there wasn’t any tingling or otherwise uncomfortable sensations.

anjou baby foot

When my time was up, I washed off the solution and waited for the results. The box said it can take up to a week to work and after a couple days I was getting nervous that nothing was happening.

Then I was getting ready one morning (about 5 days post application) and noticed that large areas of my feet started to shed! It was like magic. Over the next week, my feet changed before my eyes from rough and prickly to smooth and soft.

I loved that my roughest spots (heels, and calluses on the ball of my foot) were shedding to reveal smoother, softer skin. Even the spots that I habitually rubbed lotion every night (to no avail) were transformed within a few days.

All natural ingredients:

Baby Foot contains fruit acids which are all keratolytic. These work to get into the top layer of your skin, and break up the connections in the dead skin cells. That’s why the results are not visible for a couple of days – that kind of breaking up takes time!

I would totally do this once a season and I can imagine that with more applications I would see even softer results. My feet stayed soft and smooth for months and using Baby Foot even reduced my symptoms of Athlete’s foot. 

anjou baby foot

A couple of notes:

I was glad that I tried this little experiment in the winter because I don’t think this would be something I would want to walk around the house or town with (skin would be flaking everywhere, and in bed, ew) so consider doing this when you know you will be at home for a bit, or when you know you’ll be wearing socks!

The packaging said you can repeat the process in 2 weeks if needed and I’m thinking that I’ll need Baby Foot in my regular self-care skin maintenance routine.

Pick up your own Baby Foot kit at Anjou Spa and try it for yourself! You can also pick up a special hydrating mask designed specifically for after the peeling process is finished. You can also use the foot mask anytime in between Baby Foot exfoliation treatments to maintain soft feet. 

When your feet have shed the winter’s collateral damage, treat yourself to a Seasonal Pedi to complete the foot make-over!

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