Shower. Steam. Shower. Sauna. Creating a spa ritual of hot and cold hydrotherapy will prepare your body to receive a massage–leaving the muscles relaxed and supple, ready to be benefitted.    

sauna steam spa ritualOur brand new 3,000 sq. ft. spa facility on Bend’s westside offers both a steam room and hot sand infrared sauna where, when combined with a cold shower in our locker room, you can enjoy the benefits of high contrast hydrotherapy at each spa visit.

Benefits include relaxing the muscles, lowering your heart rate, helping with circulation and digestion and promoting better sleep. The endorphin rush you feel after immersing yourself in extreme hot-then-cold temperatures will feel as if it just did a big workout, because in essence it did–all of your senses get heightened in these elements.

Pre-Massage Ritual at Anjou Spa – Hot Sand Sauna Room & Steam

Find a moment to enjoy Bend’s hottest secret; the Hot Sand Sauna Room as a pre-massage ritual. You can also enjoy this ritual on its own without booking a service, as a 2-hr. facility visit. Read our full spa menu here.

  1. Rise in a temperate shower and slip into the light, striped robe
  2. Steam for 5-7 minutes in our wet steam room
  3. Cold shower follows
  4. Sauna in the Hot Sand Sauna Room for 10-15 minutes

Extra credit for the strong of heart: repeat steps 3-4 for a full 45-min Ritual embracing high contrast hydrotherapy.  Turn down the temperature for the final cold shower before finishing in the sauna.

This is a great experience if booking the ‘Me Time’ Ritual, which is created to do at your own pace while using the spa facility to find peace of mind.

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