Bath Time Essentials for Valentine’s 

Along with some stellar Valentine’s Day Treatment specials, we’ve tailored the Welcome Boutique with the Bath Time Essentials. From bath teas, essential oil-infused Epsom salts, soy candles, organic hair conditioners, exfoliating and energizing Lava Love heart soaps, body scrubs, and luxuriously organic body oils.

We’ve also thought of unique details that make both solo and shared time extra special, even after this love holiday has come and gone. *le sigh*

“There must be quite a few things that a hot bath won’t cure, but I don’t know many of them.” Sylvia Plath’

Scented Body Oil – by Amulette Studios

Made locally, Amulette Studios handcrafts each blended bottle of this delightful body oil. We consider body oils as one of life’s little luxuries and fits right into our dry, arid climate: simultaneously hydrating while leaving delicate traces of botanical essences all over your body. Pump this on your wrists, apply behind ears, slather on arms and legs and don’t forget! Add this to your bath as a seductive, hydrating enhancement.

Infused Dead Sea Salts – Mineral Essence

Create a personal retreat with Mineral Essence Best Bath Salts. Beginning with a base of Dead Sea salt, considered the best bath salt in the world, each Mineral Essence has an intricate blend of our best scented essential oils, custom designed to have a radiant effect on your entire being. Dead Sea salt stimulates circulation, improves skin hydration and reduces inflammation. Bath time is relaxing and therapeutic!

Golden Rose Candles – DANI

DANI Soy Wax Candles are the ultimate blend of nature and luxury. This special edition large 6oz tin has the true scent of a bouquet of fresh roses. Perfect for romance and a must to create Bath Time mood.

Muscle Relief Bath Tea Trio – Angelina Organic Skincare

Locally made, bath Teas are a simple, easy way to add healing herbs to your bath. Our potent and soothing blend of pain relieving wintergreen leaves, warming ginger, and penetrating menthol crystals (from organic mint), paired with healing arnica and anti-inflammatory St. John’s wort flowers, along with epsom salts speed up recovery and help prevent soreness. Three large bath-size tea bags are wrapped in recycled waxed paper and tied with a ribbon. They make a lovely gift for your active, athletic and hardworking friends!

Vegan Pink Himalayan Sea Salt Soap Hearts – Lava Love

Lava Loves features two types of lava from Oregon volcanoes – bentonite and zeolite – their soaps gently detoxifies and purifies the skin and cleanses the body without harsh chemicals. Made from a shea butter soap base enriched pink himalayan seat sat and the essential oil of rose with soothing texture and scent. Bentonite, zeolite and charcoal purify and cleanse the skin while sea salt provides minerals and beauty to this bar, giving your skin a gentle nourishing cleanse. Features a light, rose scent thanks to the essential oil of rose we’ve added to this product

Hand-Stamped Brass Identifier Coins – Found Natural Goods

Carry it with you wherever you go and be reminded by a subtle, beautiful brass medallion coin, personalized with your mantra or a simple monogram. This Valentine’s choose from the playful V-Day themed nostalgic of Sweetheart candies we all grew up on. Available in one gorgeous size (1 7/8″ – just under two inches), and with a hole large enough to be added to any purse, lanyard or key chain.

Coconut Hair Perfume (in a Rose Velvet Bag!) – Miss Violet Lace

Perfumes have gone rogue; now you can infuse your hair with delightful scents! And we all know when you go in for a hug, you can’t help but smell one’s hair. We love this product for its organic ingredients and uniqueness: spritz island paradise in your hair. Ideal for daily maintenance and pampering of your beach babe mane, the Coconut & Calendula Triple Fusion hair oil softens and smooths hair, followed by Beach Hair Perfume for balmy, beautiful coconut scent. This boxed set comes complete with a luxe dusty rose velvet bag for storage.

Get to our Welcome Boutique to shop all these V-Day items! Dial (541) 241-8454 to book your V-Day Treatments or book online. Consider other gems, home goods, and organic self-care products when shopping our Welcome Boutique on your way in or out at our new location of 1835 NW Pence Lane, Suite 120, off NW Shevlin Park Road on Bend’s westside neighborhood, at the bottom of College Way. Read Anjou Spa Reviews here, and learn more about our Anjou Bend Spa Membership too.