Need some allergy relief?

Find relief from seasonal allergies with organic skin care products, home care, and natural remedies. Try one or all for instant relief without using over-the-counter allergy products/antihistamines full of ingredients you can’t pronounce. Sidenote: if you’re struggling after these 9 remedies, go for the strong stuff––no judgmentent here!

Mother Nature is in full bloom at the base of our snow covered Cascade Range here in Central Oregon! While the mountains are still tucked away in a sleepy slumber, warmer temperatures below brings a host of environmental allergens that can wreak havoc on your skin, especially around the eyes causing redness, itching, watering and puffy inflammation. Can you feel it? Between the juniper trees blooming and a layer of yellow pollen covering our homes and cars––most of us can feel spring.

The skin around our eyes is very thin and sensitive, so easily susceptible to irritations from pollen, grasses, and dust. But, we can’t let that stop us from getting outside after work and soak up the sunshine we live here for. Find some relief this season with these easy results-driven remedies.

9 Remedies for Allergy Relief


  1. Make your home a sanctuary. Keep the windows closed and ensure your forced air system filters are changed every year if you’re ultra sensitive to the elements. This’ll allow you to come home and rest in peace when you’re not on the trails.
  2. Wash your face every morning and evening: Rinse away irritants with a gentle facial cleanser such as Eminence’s Stone Crop Gel Wash. This award winning product is recommended for those with even the most sensitive types, washing away impurities without drying out the skin.
  3. Apply a cold compress: Cold compresses around the eyes can be helpful with itching and swelling. Soak a towel or washcloth in cold water or refrigerate a damp cloth or eye pillow. Then lie down with the compress across your eyes to let the coolness reduce swelling.
  4. If you wear contacts, take them out when you’re home and wear glasses to give your eyes a break.
  5. Use an eye cream morning and evening: Relieve your puffy and watery eyes with refreshing Cucumber Eye Gel. Soothing cucumber and active herbal ingredients combine to revitalize the eye area and reduce the appearance of puffiness, revealing refreshed and rejuvenated peepers.
  6. If you’re still puffy and trying to avoid a stronger over-the-counter solution, try changing your diet for some inflammation relief. Avoid sugars (even natural ones from fruit), dairy, and carbohydrates. Eat a high protein and vegetable meal at home (your sanctuary, with your glasses on). Add probiotics to your daily routine for extra credit!
  7. Increase results with the Hibiscus Ultra Lift Eye Cream: Rapidly de-puff tired eyes with Eminence Organics award-winning Hibiscus Ultra Lift Eye Cream. Its innovative stainless steel rollerball applicator will cool your eye area while massaging hibiscus and wine actives into the skin for an instant tightening and lifting effect.
  8. Rinse! Neti-pots or even a quick swim will help flush out what’s clogging you up.
  9. Soak. Better yet, soak in oatmeal for some serious soothing. If you don’t have muslin bags to hold the oats––use a blender to turn your oats into a powder for an oat-milk bath soak at home. Add a little Epsom and doTERRA essential oils for a true spa experience at home.