Anjou Spa is Currently Closed, Opening October 2017

We are now able and ready to accept CosMedix Skin Care product orders! If you didn’t know, CosMedix is our second skin care line that offers a more aggressive results-oriented home care regime. Straight from their website,

chirally correct skin care products that visibly improve the state of your complexion without causing irritation or damage.”
Email “” with wanted products and in the subject line of your email order, please include your full name and phone number.

Payment and pickup (free shipping!) will be sent via email in an order confirmation. If you are unable to come to a scheduled pickup window, location TBA, we will coordinate a home delivery with you directly.

Seasonal recommendations: Our Estos are on-hand to answer all your questions to make sure you get the products you need. When ordering, consider it’s been slightly wet in town but also much colder temperatures––gotta love that La Niña weather system––we’d generally suggest the following to bump up your skin care process with encapsulated retinol options from CosMedix to maintain clear skin:

  • Serum 16
  • Refine and Refine +

We can’t wait to see you all again!
– Your Anjou Family

PS: Very soon we are announcing reopening plans for a temporary location on Bend’s NW neighborhood––we’re calling it Anjou at Aspen House––a gorgeous space for the holidays. Stay tuned!