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Spa Etiquette 101

  1. Consider using breath mints before treatments, especially facials—otherwise, you’re breathing lunch right into your aesthetician’s face. It’s OK if you forget!
  2. Men should shave the night before a facial, not the morning of so skin is less sensitive to products and facial massage.
  3. Arrive at least 20-minutes early to check in and begin decompressing. We offer showering in private locker rooms beforehand and hit the steam before a massage or body treatment –– highly aiding in relaxation, circulation and eases exfoliation.
  4. Don’t use cell phones, please. Leave them in your locker. They will be there once you’re done with your treatment an hour later –– we promise.
  5. Please do speak up about the room temperature, bed temperature, music choice and volume, and massage pressure. And do mention injuries or physical conditions. Be sure to communicate any concerns with the receptionist before the treatment begins (such as allergies and injuries).
  6. Don’t chitchat. You’re not only missing an opportunity to truly relax, you’re moving your jaw. No need to chitchat!

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