Our new web site we launched in March of this year is brought to life with beautiful spa images by our local photographer, Natalie Rae Puls. We wanted to take a few moments to put the lens on her, especially if you’re looking for a photographer yourself. Did someone say Bend, Oregon wedding photographer? On the summit of South Sister? Perhaps a tropical island elopement? She’s your girl!  

Natalie has a unique backstory that led her to Bend –– where she quickly found it to be her new home.  

Texas, Alaska, California, Azerbaijan, Qatar, Indiana, and Oregon have all been considered “home” at one point or another. I was raised to love the outdoors and I know how to pack a suitcase like a boss. That being said, my nomadic childhood resulted in an adult who thrives in new environments and who knows about a million ways to sleep in an airplane seat. Getting married on a mountain? Eloping on a boat? I’ll be there.

Some of us are lucky enough to do what we love for work. Natalie is ones of those people.

I love loving what I do, every day. Photography was a dream for a long time (I’m talking middle-school, high-school, college) and now I get to live in that reality. Being one, I am a huge supporter of fellow dreamers. Let’s exchange some crazy ideas.

If you want to see more of Natalie’s photography work, check out her website or follow her on Instagram.