Anjou Spa is currently closed. Anticipated Re-Opening in Early Autumn 2017

March has arrived, and we’re excited to leave the wool socks and down jackets at the mountain. We’re dusting off our Havaiana flip flops, and diffusing energizing essential oils. Spring break is around the corner and thoughts of beaches and warming sun-drenched moments are on the mind.

Spring prep ideas are here:

  • Get an Oregon Lavender & Sage Seasonal Pedi and walk out with new Havaiana flip flops
  • Spring clean with e-Cloth products; skip the chemicals and get everything bright with water!
  • Diffuse Citrus, Lime, Lemon, Grapefruit doTERRA essential oils
  • Try Redz Jewelry: handmade necklaces and earrings
  • Carry Queork iPhone cases + Clutches
  • Nail polish color trends: Enjoy colorful and neutral nail colors
  • Exfoliate with body mitts and dry brushes; use lavender and sage body scrub or Lava Loves pumice soap

Spring Specials:

Seasonal Scrubs & Essential Oils

Lavender + Sage, and Citrus Bliss (our seasonal oil for Scalp Revitilizers, Aromatherapy Pedi and massages)

Pro-Fiber Hair Treatment

Normally $30, this March try it for $15! This is the first salon professional recharging hair-cure program that begins in-salon and continues at home for prolonged results. Instantly repairs hair internally and externally, renewing damaged hair for up to 6 weeks. Read more about it here.

Warm Bamboo & River Stone Massage

Intention: Penetrating relief. A customized massage incorporates heated basalt stones, essential oils and a gentle sugar scrub and shea butter massage foot treatment. Heated bamboo infuses warmth and elongates muscles for deep relief.

Spring Body Polish & Wrap

For the spring: Oregon Lavender & Sage is a blend of 100% locally grown and distilled aromatic botanicals. Calming lavender pairs beautifully with fresh, mind-clearing desert sage. Lavender and sage are both grown and processed by our friends, Gordon and Judy Knight, on one of the highest quality organic boutique farms in the world, Tumalo Lavender Farm.

Lava Love Detox Polish & Wrap

Intention: Detox skin and absorb pollutants. Using volcanic ash and rock from the Oregon mountains, this polish and wrap has bentonite and zeolite clay drawing toxins out of your body and features products made by Lava Love, a local Bend company. Pumice soap gently exfoliates your body. Take home your own fresh pumice soap!

Rosehip Triple C+E Firming Oil Facial

Appropriate for all skin types, especially aging and mature skin. Increase collagen production, reduce inflammation, and soothe the skin with the healing power of rosehips and multiple botanical sources of vitamins C & E. This hydrating facial diminishes the appearance of fine lines and skin vascularity for a healthy, younger looking complexion.
60-min—$109, $15 Member Upgrade