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We were invited to come tour the factory of Bend’s handmade soap entrepreneur, Leslie Colvin, of LeCol’s Soap Bar. She is obsessed with scent creation, dyes, essential oils, and in-genius concoctions like her best sellers, beer-infused soaps: Double Hoppiness, Chocolate Espresso Stout, and Oatmeal Stout.

Together, we’re planning a few combinations that will be a perfect match ––now available in rounds with organic wrapping, see above, at the spa–– we wanted to share a few photos from our tour.



Given that Leslie has created over 100 scent combination since beginning to make soap, she has to keep her essential oil inventory stocked, and buy in larger portions than the 1oz doTERRA bottles we’re used to seeing at the spa. Above is her 16oz bottles of essential oils– just a few that caught our eye.



A perfect match for us ––to go en tow with our new to Bend, Oregon Spa Hoppiness menu–– is the Double Happiness soap bar, made with Boneyard Beer and topped with fresh hop flowers, similar in scent to an IPA. What Bendite wouldn’t swoon over this bar?



Before being cut, the Chocolate Espresso Stout, sprinkled in coffee grounds that make for yummy exfoliators while the caffeine helps keeps your skin firm and youthful.



After the large mold is cut into bars, the small ends remain like the ends of a loaf of bread. All of the LeCol’s soap bars are available at our Wellness Boutique.


Our favourite soap, the Eucalyptus Mint made with green clay and shea butter and topped with Himalayan pink salt.


Cedar Saffron, one of the newest scents tailored for us by Leslie!