Anjou Spa is Currently Closed, Opening October 2017

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Don’t wait for naturally silver hair to surface. The Silver Fox look is on-trend.

From silver to pastel purple to mint–– colored hair is in. Before you grab any ol’ color, be sure to consider the exact hue you want. Work with a Hair Specialist to get it right the first time. Book a consultation with our Senior Hair Specialists professionally trained in hair coloring.

Here are a few photos we saw that fit the latest trends in hair.

Eco-friendly & Natural Tresses at Anjou

But don’t get colored just anywhere! Most salons use pretty harsh toxins and chemicals, but at Anjou, we have carefully vetted what we use: it needs to be free of toxins and carcinogens, but also gets the job done. Our products do not have ammonia, sulfates, parabens, chemicals and fragrances and are vegan formulated (no animal byproducts).

Formaldyhyde-free Hair Straightening, Lasts 12 weeks *New!*

Remember hearing alllll about the “Brazilian Blowout”, until you didn’t? States and FDA finally recognized that this treatment contained carcinogenic formaldyhde, sometimes causing migraines, blisters and rashes on people who got this treatment.

Anjou has tracked down Agave Keratin Smoothing Treatment, a 2-hour process that leaves your hair straight for up to 12 weeks! Instantly & safely smoothes-out up to 100% frizz and volume, and reduces curl retention by 80%.

Summer Special

Find you color and book an appointment today!

(Remember if you have extra long hair we appreciated a heads up so we can schedule extra time to tame your locks.)