Anjou Spa is currently closed. Anticipated Re-Opening in Early Autumn 2017

Beverages. Living in Bend, you probably appreciate your beverages as much as we do. We have world class beer, coffee, wine, spirits–– not to mention some of the best tasting fresh water around –– tap water you can drink without filtering.

Created by a very savvy 15-year-old with a mission to stamp out child obesity and type 2 diabetes, the Define Bottle is designed to infuse your water with nutrient-rich produce, and take it to go. Combine citrus, fruit, and herbs –– cucumber lavender; tangerine, thyme, and fennel; blueberry, peach, watermelon–– and enjoy your water throughout the day, without the mess of fruit falling in your face or a mint leaf wedging itself into your teeth.

Even though we’re surrounded by beverages, we’re also tempted by sugary juices and sodas. An easy way to stay hydrated all day and stay clear of tempting sugary drinks is to carry an eco-friendly bottle full of that fresh Oregon tap water. Better yet, infuse it.

We’re now carrying the Define Bottle at Anjou Spa, so you can enjoy infused water daily.

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