Anjou Spa is Currently Closed, Opening October 2017


Traveling can often mean sacrifice; sacrifice of values and options when they’re limited to the options of destination and transport restrictions. These recommendations offer wellness when they are on-the-go with eco-friendly hair care devoid of ammonia, paraben free, sulfates, vegan formulas, synthetic chemicals and fragrances. Eminence facial kits for various skin types provide an organic regiment for their skin, OnGuard beadlets boost immunity while exposed to bugs and bacteria and a Satin Serenity Eye Pillow gives them luxury on a packed plane or a strange place.  Or, treat them to a massage to restore their body when they return home!

Recommended: Neuma Hair Care Kit ($26), Eminence Facial Kit ($58), Satin Serenity Eye Pillow ($20), doTerra OnGuard Beadlets ($21), Custom Massage ($84)