Anjou Spa is Currently Closed, Opening October 2017


They are an artisan of the home; finding new ways to touch up and delight every day life or special occasions. Finding something unique, functional and custom for the Home Sophisticate is tough! Anjou has some great options in our Wellness Boutique and off our Spa Menu to gift them.

Incorporate the healing powers and amazing scents of organic essential oils with an electric diffuser for your home. A great gift that keeps giving; you can change out essential oils to customize your personal needs to relax, boost immunity or just fill your house with holiday cheer.

We recommend: Petal Diffuser + Holiday Oil Blend, ($99), Satin Pillow Case or Eye Pillow ($35 / $20), Sweet Dreams Neck Wrap ($28), Dani Naturals Candle ($24), Illuminating Artic Berry Facial ($109), 4-Hand Bliss Massage ($159)