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A Time-out For You

A Time-out For You

The ultimate in relaxation. Our infrared heat foot sauna, relaxation chair, eye mask, heated neck wrap and essential oil diffuser combine to lull you into a state of meditation and calm. Your feet and ankles are infused with warmth, increasing circulation, releasing toxins and limbering your connective tissue.

Grab a serious nap, or enjoy the birds and tree view while deeply relaxing. Twenty minutes is just long enough to rejuvenate and allow the benefits of the infrared heat be realized. Infrared heat penetrates into the deep tissue of your feet and doesn’t heat up just the air (which is why sauna’s can create a sharpness to breath and take longer). Tired feet and joints can benefit from relief of anything from minor aches and pains to chronic pain.

A great pre-cursor service to any facial, massage or nail service, imagine a Solo Sanctuary right before your custom massage, or right before a pedicure. Book it with a facial, and you will feel relaxed, literally– from head to toe. Any Solo Sanctuary combination gets you $5 off.

Members get a special offering $10 off this $19 treatment for a short period. An even better deal!

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