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Summertime means sun. Which leads to dry, dull-looking skin. Some of us exfoliate weekly; reaching what we can with limited tools. But there are few home care regimes that treat your body’s skin with a relaxing full-length body scrub and moisturization that a 45-minute Body Scrub, or 30-minute Sweet Relief Hydro-x-foli-awesome treatment can offer every inch of your body.

Come early to your treatment, steam with eucalyptus oil to open up your pores, and de-robe in the Vichy Shower room (modest coverings are provided). Lie face-up on the table, and get ready to be gently scrubbed down with a local summery organic lemon sugar scrub (Angelina) from your fingertips down your collar bones to your hips and in-between your toes. Turn over, and feel your shoulders, back, and legs lose any dead skin cells or flaky sun-kissed skin. Your heels, elbows, and hands––consider them a dehydrated problem of the past. Emerge renewed. Glowing.

Body treatments originating out of Vichy (vee-shee), France gave the Vichy Shower its name. A Vichy Shower is a horizontal pivoting body-length shower system with multiple shower heads that you receive while lying down. One lies in a warmed ceramic table that also drains water away, along with the organic scrub and products used. In addition the shower heads massage and infuse your muscles with warmth. We call the 30-minute version of this, the Hydro-x-foli-awesome, because it is just that: awesomely hydrating.

Summer is hard on your skin––and not just the skin that’s exposed to the sun. In Central Oregon, you truly can’t drink enough water. So instead of chugging glass after glass every day, come hydrate your skin with organic scrubs that leave you feeling silky smooth all over.

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