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Holiday gift wrappingSo many decisions! It’s hard to pick out something special, so we’d like to make it easy for you. Anjou has put together some suggested holiday bundles that say, “… hey, I really, really thought about this.”

A great opportunity is to come to our special Holiday Shopping Party this Thursday (12/19) where local vendors will be on hand to display their special holiday (and natural) wares! The first 30 guests will receive a complimentary organic gift.

For the easy gift, purchase a Gift Card online and have it emailed or printed on the spot. Or, check out our Pinterest board for some places we think have great unique gifts, too.

NOW, for our holiday bundles with all natural products…added bonus: gift wrapping is complimentary!

Holiday Bundles Under $25

For healthy hands, $20: An Anjou pear moisture soap bar, Eminence tea tree & mint hand cleanser and Dani hand lotion. Clean, sanitize and moisturize!

For luscious lips, $25: Alima Pure’s winterberries lip trio!

For healthy tresses, $25: A healthy tresses kit for traveling…zero of these awful things!

Holiday Bundles Under $50

For the no-fuss person, $45: Sore muscle rub, seasonal moisture soap bar, fresh fir candle and a Trail rag … thoughtful with a hint of pampering.

For new parents, $45: Angelina Baby Itty Bitty Travel Kit, contemporarily lovely heat pack and a Dani candle.

For the naturopathic-minded, $50: A large Sweet Dreams heat pack, Lemon doTerra essential oil and Dani candle.

Eminence Lovers, $34: Delight your hands and body with Clementine Spiced lotion gift set. For the face, Eminence’s Pear & Fig gift set offers a facial cleanser and whip moisturizer with the most delicious aroma.

Holiday Bundles Under $75

For the Ultimate Ooh-&-ah, $75: Eminence apricot body oil, a mimosa champagne facial tonique and Alima Pure nourishing lip balm. It smells so good they won’t stop remarking about it!

Happy Holidays!