Anjou Spa is currently closed. Anticipated Re-Opening in Early Autumn 2017


loyalty-rewardsLOYALTY REWARD PROGRAM: We know you love Anjou, and we want to show some love back. We have a fabulous Loyalty Reward program that is easily tracked within our system when you buy services and product from us. Below is a summary of how it works.

  • EARNING POINTS: 1 point for each $1.00 spent on services or product.
  • REFERRALS: A new visitor referral: 300 pts per referral ($15)
  • PRE-BOOKING: Pre-booking future (confirmed) appointments on day of service: 100 pts ($5)
  • NEWS UPDATES: Like us on Facebook / Follow us on Pinterest or Twitter / Leave a review on Yelp!, Facebook, or Google: 50 pts
  • coming soon! MEMBERSHIP SIGN-UP: 200 pts to each new member

Point System

100 points = $5

200 points = $10

300 points = $15, etc.

LRPoints are non-transferrable. They accumulate and expire at the end of October each year (next expiration Oct. ’14). Clients may redeem their points when they have a minimum of $10, or 200pts. Redeemed points can be applied to services only.