Anjou Spa is currently closed. Anticipated Re-Opening in Early Autumn 2017


Under the vichy shower you get at least five benefits: Skin glow, exfoliation, increase of circulation, improvement of cellulite and relaxation. (pssst, the vichy shower is a total body spray shower while lying down).

Then, Massage:

Choose from one of our Sweet Relief massages 1) Digity Do, 2) Back Country, 3) Leg Chillaxer, or, 4) The Reflex, for a total hour of pure release. *Available for Sunday -Thursday booking only.

INSTRUCTIONS TO PURCHASE FLASH SALE: Click here and select “Package” in the online form. Then select “ANJOU FLASH SALE: HYDROX + SWEET RELIEF”. Follow the instructions to purchase and check-out. ONLINE ONLY. AVAILABLE TODAY ONLY. Once purchased, you can book online for your convenience (available for Sun-Thurs. booking).