Anjou Spa is currently closed. Anticipated Re-Opening in Early Autumn 2017

What is Aromatherapy? What are its benefits? Why is it always $10-$15 more when included in a massage?

Anjou’s mission is to bring therapeutic offerings and services to Bend’s community and we made it a goal to demystify aromatherapy. Thus, the creation of the Aromatherapy Bar!

When you book a massage from Anjou, a therapist will help you select an essential oil that will personalize your custom massage, for free! Why charge you more $$ for a simple service that adds great value to your well-being (and pocketbook!)?

Aromatherapy has many diverse benefits and can address many issues such as: anxiety, depression, fatigue, irritability, allergies, arthritis, digestive issues and stress. It can also promote deep sleep and rest. We have essential oils (blended and single oils) for take-home care use in our Wellness Boutique; a great way to relax without opening that bottle of wine or beer, or whatever you need!

Visit Anjou today by booking online or calling us. We would love to show and teach you more about the benefits of aromatherapy. You can read more about aromatherapy here.